Logically Assess: 

Q is not a “person.” 

Q is a psychological operation 

Q is a PsyOp 

A psychological operation (PsyOp) is conducted by people. 

Negative or positive intention? 

Evaluate based on Q (what you see) & tenets of PsyOps: 

Q is a PsyOp designed to disrupt psychological conditioning. 

Disrupting psychological conditioning inevitably leads to [independent thought] decisions. 

Independent thought / decisions inevitably leads to a conclusion OR unanswered question(s)

OR both. 

Unanswered question(s) (if important enough) inevitably lead to research/investigation/collaboration. 

Research/investigation/collaboration inevitably leads to more information [education] and collaboration [community]. 

Independently thinking and more informed/educated communities who are asking questions about anomalies they’re discovering in the Media, the Federal Government and the connected Elite circles.

—Narrative Reframes