Garrett M. Ziegler has invited his readers to archive his posts. I’m happy to oblige, even if it is just a portion of what he has written at TELEGRAM. My notes will be bracketed […] and in bold face.

“I’m also going to be posting things from the Laptop from Hell. Things no one has seen before. It will be PG—believe me. Here is a note from the disgraced son to his father…

These ppl are SICK, in every sense of the word.

We’re going to get a taste of what it was like for the early Christian church. Biden is little better than Nero—trust me on that. These people are vile beyond words. Once you understand the depth of their degeneracy, only then can you begin to think anew. About what we can do about it. About how to tell your children. Once you get how closely aligned Nero and Joe are, then can we begin to have a real conversation about how to navigate a regime whose institutions are THOROUGHLY CAPTURED.

So, with the knowledge that our institutions are captured, there’s one more thing we rly need to grasp. I’ve been telling the ppl around me, and anyone who will take the time to research etc., that, along with not believing in The Christ, there is one major thing that Einstein got wrong

Einstein said that compound interest was the most powerful force on Earth. It’s close, but that still assumes that whatever currency you’re dealing in has intrinsic value which, as you all know, is not our reality after Bretton Woods.

No, the most powerful force on Earth is blackmail. Blackmail, properly utilized, can make the most powerful men in the World get on their knees and beg like a puppy.

Now that we all have the baseline knowledge of institutional capture and the power of blackmail, we can all speak the same language henceforth and begin to explore heretofore unbeknownst crevices of The Swamp.

One last thing before we start the Drip, Drip, Drip (Chinese style 😜) … when someone I like at one of the three letter Agencies, a fellow Patriot (one of the probably 7 in the whole Agency!) figured out who I was and what I knew, and how good I was at playing dumb while at the WH, they told me, point blank: “There is no way they let you live past 30.” 

I got spooked a little bit, because this was awhile ago, and then I simply asked them if they had heard of Michael, you know, that archangel? I’m named after him. And I fear him more than I fear the power of the DS.

We’re going to start with one of the center nodes of this entire sinful web: Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein, allegedly born into relative poverty in Brooklyn, got his start at the Dalton School, one of the most prestigious (although nauseatingly Leftist) prep schools on the Upper East Side. Miraculously, he got hired without having ANY degree by none other than Bill Barr’s father. [NOTE: I first learned of the Barr connection when George Webb revealed it in one of his reports a couple of years ago.]

Here is his entire “Black Book” and Flight Logs, all in a searchable PDF format. A few of the flights are still in sealed cases, alas. However, this is 98% of it.

The depth of evil this man did—with many helpers, like Ghislaine—is nothing less satanic. Oh, and for the Leftist trolls following this channel, see the leftmost column for the hyperlink.

For the Boomers on this channel (who I love, btw!), you may need to do Command+F to find ppl hah. This is just a sampling of what comes up when you search for Clinton..

Another thing: JE was an asset, everybody. To whom? We don’t precisely know that yet. If you look into Ghislaine’s father, you might get an idea.. [Robert Maxwell worked with/for the Israeli Mossad.]

Anways, Epstein led a horribly complicated (and Satanic, of course) life. Not every single person he knew would be in the Black Book. And of course not every single person in the BB is compromised. Some of them might have been targets of his that he wanted to compromise, etc.

You see, the annoying thing about the Epstein Sin Saga is that it’s all discombobulated. A court case here. A Daily Mail article there. My goal in posting anything—the memo earlier today, the JE drop just now—is to give Patriots a cleaner, searchable, organized view of things. I hate clutter (I have OCD, if you couldn’t tell already) so having things in a way that’s useful for normal ppl and not just cyber sleuths is important. 

PDFs are forwardable, etc. 

Which reminds me.. if anyone wants to archive this entire channel w comments before the Oligarchs catch on, I would be v grateful..

Someone in the comments mentioned Les Wexner. Good catch… he is very much tied up into all of this… Look at who Wexner funds in politics … Look at his FEC contributions 🤔 [Lee Wexner owned The Limited and Victoria’s Secret and “sold” his Manhattan mansion to Epstein for $1.]

About to head out, but has anyone researched Ben Sasse’s knowledge of the House Page program scandal w/ Mark Foley? It seems like Benny never gets any hard questions. What did Benny know and when did he know it? He served as a House page program tutor from ’96-’98 whenever Foley was abusing boys…

Benny is just so insufferable on a personal level, too. The smugness. The self-righteousness. In Zoomer circles Benny is known as a 21st century sophist. Dumb, full of confidence, and completely unsuited to lead the Country. He talks about the Founders, and he doesn’t a clue about wht the Founders actually thought. He is a Paid Loser..

Addendum: Our small team in the WH, the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, wrote these reports under our personal capacity—because no one else was. It’s under my former boss’s name. You can find more at

[More to come]