From Lin Wood:

“I have always urged that if you wish to pursue truth to achieve justice, search for truth-givers. I suggest you search carefully as they are few among us. When you find a truth-giver, listen carefully. You will be learning truth. 

Here is a way to speed up the search for a truth-giver. Identify ALL individuals who the propaganda social & mainstream media describe as a “conspiracy theorist.”

Except in the rare extreme case, that person is telling you the TRUTH.

The enemy thinks he is smart. Up to a point, he is. But he always ultimately outsmarts and ensnares himself. 

The enemy has no power. We The People have ALL the power.”


All seven Republican congressmembers from New York request the DOJ to subpoena Governor Andrew Cuomo, his secretary, and the NYS Commissioner of Health over their “coverup” of the roughly 50% of nursing home-related COVID deaths that were unreported.

The effort, led by Rep. Elise Stefanik (R), also calls for Attorney General Monty Wilkinson to release documents for “greater transparency, accountability, and ultimately, the truth about the coverup that Governor Cuomo’s administration engaged in.”

In response, Cuomo’s spokesman Richard Azzopardi called Rep. Stafanik a “QANON Trump puppet.”