Simon Parkes, Feb 6th Update

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Mike Adams has been critical of some of those that have imparted information, without naming names. He points out, “how do they make their money?” In Mike’s case, and Alex Jones’ case, they make money by selling supplements, survival items, and the like. But how do Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, and Robert David Steele make their money? I am certainly not accusing any of those folks of dishonesty. My fear is that they are being paid to disseminate disinformation, without their being aware that it is disinformation.
    Simon Parkes comes off as very soft spoken, and he gives off passion and integrity in the cause of fighting the good fight. . But I fear that he might be being fed disinformation, without his being aware that it is disinformation..
    Please let me know your thoughts on this subject. Thanks.

  2. I try to fast forward it but it in order to go back where it left off it starts all over and won’t let me go there

  3. WordPress won’t let me like but know that I do. I learned in Bible study in the mid-2000s to question everything and search out and discern the truth. Keep seeking and keep the fight alive – for the children! Kudos, Truth-Watch.weebly

  4. I am having trouble accepting that fake pres. biden is only doing superficial and non-harmful things. His support, encouragement and approval of the killing of innocent children in the womb is evil. The idea that this can be allowed so that they can round up more “bad guys” is wicked. The end never justifies the means.

    In order for an act to be good it must be a good thing in itself, must be done for a good reason, and done in a good way ,otherwise it is bad.

    If we are truly a nation “under God” then we need to be under God, His laws and His commands and His ways! To love what He loves and to hate what He hates.

    We are most free and our best selves when we follow God’s laws. He created us and has the right to command us. Yes, it requires virtue, but he has said “my grace is enough for you”.

    The slaughter of these innocent ones cries out to heaven. There can be no peace until this crime is ended and we repent personally and also make reparation for others who were led astray by this false notion that we can ignore God who made us and act like we don’t belong to him.

    While I appreciate the encouragement you are sincerely offering, it strikes an off note and is not in line with the higher truths and the highest good.

    I cannot do one thing about the federal swamp but I can do something about my own personal sphere and choosing God this day, this minute and standing up for Truth.

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