I couldn’t figure out what Castor was doing at first and was really scratching my head. Now I think he’s a genius. #ImpeachmentTrial #FastAndFurious – Major Patriot


Trump’s attorney, Castor, APPEARED to be saying that the people “obviously” voted for Biden over Trump, because Biden won and Trump didn’t. A lot of people got mad at that because they didn’t understand why he would say such a thing.

He said that because he was playing them at their own game. Dems claim that people actually DID vote for Biden and that there was no fraud. So Castor was using their own narrative against them, saying… 

[paraphrasing] “ok, then that means there’s no reason to fear that Trump would win in 2024, right? Because if Americans wanted him as president, then they would’ve voted for him in Nov instead of Biden. So then what are you afraid of? Why are you trying to make sure he can’t run for office again when it’s ‘clear’ [sarcasm] that the people didn’t vote for him when they had a chance”

Get it? 


 He’s exposing the true reason for their fear. That they know Americans WOULD vote for him, because they KNOW full well that we DID.