At least 36 people develop blood disorder and a doctor DIES after receiving Pfizer or Moderna COVID vaccines – as experts probe potential link between shots and the rare condition

At least 36 cases of thrombocytopenia after COVID-19 vaccination have been reported in the US

One person, a previously healthy Miami doctor aged 56, died of the blood disorder which causes platelet counts to drop, preventing blood from clotting

Thrombocytopenia has occurred after other shots, but it is exceedingly rare and not yet clear whether vaccines could cause it

At least 36 people have developed a rare, life-threatening blood disorder, called thrombocytopenia, after receiving either of the two COVID-19 vaccines authorized in the US.

One of them, Miami obstetrician Dr Gregory Michael, died after thrombocytopenia caused his platelets to drop to virtually zero. He was just 56 and died of a brain hemorrhage just 16 days after receiving Pfizer’s shot.

And doctors ordered Luz Legaspi, 72, not to leave her bed for over a week, for fear a bump, bruise, fall or other minor injury could lead to a similar hemorrhage and prove fatal for her.

Thrombocytopenia has been seen after other vaccines as well, and experts suspect that the shot does act as a trigger in some way – they just don’t know why yet.

But so far, the platelet-suppressing condition appears exceedingly rare – affecting just 36 people out of 43 million doses administered in the US – and scientists theorize that only a small fraction of the population may have some predisposition that could lead vaccines to trigger the blood disorder.

Of 15 people included in a forthcoming study, only one had a recent history of low platelet counts, and there were no clear common threads that predict who might be the very few to develop thrombocytopenia after vaccination.

But with the exception of Dr Michael, all others so far have recovered after treatment.