Everyone loves a bedtime story

And boy, do I have one for you tonight. Borrowed by Juan O. Savin who copied it from someone called “Project Camelot,” I copied and pasted this from Savin’s account (“channel”) at TELEGRAM.

Ok, you comfy? I hope so, cause this one might not put you to sleep… yet.



 Let’s start with QAnon. A source apparently inside the White House was releasing specifically timed information, sometimes obvious and blatant or encoded with various secret signs and signals. On certain occasions this information came out hours or even moments before Trump took some action, or specific dates were given in considerable advance and events would always seem to fall on those prescient dates. The Presstitutes in the Lame Stream Media poo-poo-ed all this as a harmless internet fantasy hoax, right up until QAnon started going after the soft underbelly of the massive underground Child Porn industry, which is RUN by THE highest power groups of this world. The Cosmic Pizza-gate horrorshow was just a snowflake on the tip of the iceberg. (Read TRANSFORMATION OF AMERICA by Cathy O’Brian.) And you saw how the Press squealed like demons at an exorcism when QAnon began to bring this to light!

Many believed that QAnon was in fact the very much alive John F. Kennedy, JR. and I must claim responsibility for being behind that rumor. When Jon-Jon’s MURDER occurred I was the only one to get up on ABCs NIGHTLINE and directly accuse Bill and Hillary Clinton of being behind his murder, and evidence pointing to over 350 other murders, and that ANYONE that got in HRC’s way had a funny way of waking up dead. The Press even started calling it “Arkansas Suicide.”

Hilary had lunch with Jon-Jon, and in that heated conversation Kennedy said he viewed her as nothing more than a carpet-bagger who’d be bad of New York and the country. That he, with the backing of Trump and his GEORGE magazine, was going to run for the Senate seat held by his uncle Robert and use his own personal fortune to run. Hilary was NOT amused!

As the press gathered outside, JFK, JR. looked white as a ghost and gave a NO COMMENT all around as he was rushed to his car. Hillary however came out looking like the proverbial cat with cheeks full of canaries. When asked what they had talked about she said with a smug grin,

“Well…I advised him not to enter public life.”

“If my son ever enters public life he will wind up just like his uncle and his father.”

~ Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis~.

Less than 12 hours later, John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife and his Sister-In-Law dead.

The last 10 minutes of the flight recorder data were CLASSIFIED! The last we hear is: “Have the tower in sight….on approach….”

Eyewitnesses SAW a BLACK HELICOPTER chasing a small Cessna, machine guns blazing!!

This was the only SEARCH AND RESCUE operation in HISTORY that was taken over by the NAVY on the direct orders of the EXECUTIVE BRANCH! All civilian boats or aircraft were ordered to clear a 25 square mile radius. This is the EXACT OPPOSITE of ALL standard Search and Rescue protocol.

“r story was that JFK, JR.s plane was “found” about 7:00 pm and hauled up onto the Navy destroyer the USS BRISCOE. At that point, somehow, all three bodies were “CREMATED” that night aboard the Briscoe. Does anyone have ANY information on cremation facilities aboard ANY US Navy craft? Don’t we still just wrap bodies in a flag and huck ‘em into the sea? But in this story their remains were then transferred to another destroyer, the USS GRASP where the entire Kennedy family conveniently and duly waited, and their ashes were dumped over the side.

Of course the Kennedy’s are staunch Roman Catholics who do not believe in CREMATION AT ALL! Jon-Jon’s will specifically stated that he was to be buried next to his father in Arlington National Cemetery. Now, there is a monument next to the eternal flame of JFK Sr. that looks like a large Q. Why? Q is the intelligence classification for anything above top secret. For example the President has a Q-8 clearance. Access to AREA 51 requires at least a Q-16 clearance.

Years later I was working with a man that was attached to the British Consulate in Los Angeles, who was moonlighting doing some editing work for me. He had also pioneered a process of linking photographs together so that you could do a “360º Walk-Around” inside a house, or even a landscape of MARS, which was what he was showing me. He was also a full blood agent of MI-6.

So I wanted to know 2 things: What happened to JFK JR and Princess Diana? He gave me a very specific detailed account of the Lady DI operation, to the point of where I think he had something to do with it. He had no real information about Jon-Jon, other than he was about to enter politics, and that he and Trump would someday run for President and Vice President. When asked if this would ever happen Jon-Jon had commented, “Well, if Trump ever runs, I’d be happy to be his Veep.”

At this point my Secret Agent pulled up a screen that was the logo of MI-6 and HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE. Each time he tried to pull up info on Diana or Kennedy Jr. it came up with a PROJECT: GAIA classification. “This is our version of the WITSEC witness protection program,” he said. “So if James Bond wants to retire, he can’t just give it up without Blofeld wanting to put a bullet in him, so we fake the death of him and his family, and park them on some paradise island somewhere.”

“So, you’re telling me that Kennedy and Diana are still alive?”

“You’re looking at the screen just like me mate…believe what you will…”

In both cases NO ONE saw a BODY, and I might just bet you Diana’s coffin is full of very fancy rocks…BELIEVE IT OR NOT! But that story is how the JFK, Jr. ALIVE rumors began. Now you know.


With all that said on the QAnon matter, let me give y’all just one last dose of HOPIUM that is based in REALITY and not wild-eyed skewed conjecture and wishing on a magic lamp…these are FACTS and what HAS HAPPENED and what IS HAPPENING now:

The White House STAFF around Trump, led by WH Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, were all encouraging Trump to give up and step down. According to White House staffer and insider Garrett Ziegler, L. Lin Wood and Sydney Powell were showing up at the White House with mountains of evidence of what had been done to Trump, and what he should do next. The Staff denied them entrance. And remember MOST of the WH staff had moved on and already secured other jobs back in the Swamp.

When dealing with the Democrats, you must remember that Republicans are self-made optimists and come from all walks of life, like doctors, contractors, real-estate developers, like Trump…but the Demonrats are ALL LAWYERS! ALL OF THEM! To a MAN OR WOMAN, who come from the world of LAWYERS where even the WORDS LAWYER means “SATAN-ADVERSARY” in Hebrew and “A-Torn-ey” from the Latin means “to torture, bend or twist the truth”…so DETAILS mean a great deal to them ‘cuz THAT is where the Devil is! You can toss in a complete and total lack of morality or any shade of RIGHT or WRONG with that by the way.

Point by point:

1. Kamala Harris, or COMMIE as she insists to be called, was sworn in BEFORE JOE Biden. As far as I know in this nation’s history that has NEVER happened before.

2. Both Biden [BiDumb?] and CommieLa were sworn in BEFORE NOON EST! THIS IS A BIG DEAL!

On Air Force One just after the assassination of JFK, a female federal judge told LBJ, “I can’t give you the oath of office because it has to be said exactly as written in the Constitution.” LBJ reached in this breast coat pocket and said, “Got a copy of it fer ya right here ma’am!” Leading to the famous photo of the Judge, LBJ and Jackie as LBJ took the oath exactly as written.

Just as OBAMA did not say the EXACT WORDING of the Constitutional Presidential Oath January 20th, 2009, when it was recited incorrectly to him by traitor John Roberts, a member of Opus Dei,  which made his swearing in unconstitutional. And once again Obama, NOT BEING A US CITIZEN was allowed to become President of the US CORPORATION of 1871, as there are no citizenship requirements to becoming CEO of the UNITED STATES, INC CORPORATION. And if you don’t believe me, ask the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who NOT ONCE during his presidency ever gave Obama control of the Nuclear Football.

But Biden took the oath at approx. 11:40 AM…. Commie took hers about 11:30 AM….which was during the Trump/Pence term, making BOTH their oaths unconstitutional. 

Don’t believe me? Do some reading:  Section 1 of the 20th amendment begins,

“The terms of the President and the Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January… ; and the terms of their successors shall then begin.” 

Remember the 20th Amendment was rushed through by FDR to change the inauguration of the president from the first Monday in MARCH. The Forefathers set it up that way so the foundational points of the country would be a GRAND WATER TRINE ASTROLOGICALLY. The Founding being in CANCER-July 4th. The elections being in SCORPIO, first Tuesday in November, and the Inauguration in PISCES, so that the president would PRESIDE over the Republic as its SERVANT and not as its overlord and master.

I’ve read hundreds of cases stating that ALL unconstitutional actions are VOID.  Since they never CONSTITUTIONALLY took their oaths, they can be removed without being impeached.  Nor is this a goof, or some kind of mistake! They would not have done this by accident.  For whatever reason, they took their oaths before noon…. making them both ILLEGAL, NON-VIABLE and NON-BINDING!

3. Have you watched Biden sign his nearly 40 Executive Orders on TV? I have gone frame by frame, and it appears that the page is, IN FACT, BLANK! Remember how Trump used to sign all of his with that giant signature, in big bold black marker with pens to hand out to staff and hold up the order for all to see? Some have said that the EOs signed by BiDumb lack all the stamps and counter-signatures contained on Trump’s EOs.  I’m not sure about this, but there might be an issue here in terms of their legitimacy, which would make sense if there were some kind of op going on.

4. Newspapers reported that Trump left with the aforementioned Nuclear Football. Maybe I missed it, but I’ve read no articles or seen any Lame Stream Media coverage from the FAKE NEWS about him giving it back or them taking it from him. Do you remember the histrionics from the gay gaggle at CNN-MSNBC-ABC, et al. that Trump wouldn’t give it up and that it’s the symbol of the might and power of the USA and that no nation on Earth will respect Biden if he doesn’t get it RIGHT NOW??  

So…anybody? Anything??? A quick sweep of Maralago might be order! It might have slipped out with Melania’s shoes….

5. Commi-la could not move into the Vice Presidential Residence at the Naval Observatory. The MSL, Main Stream Liars, made quite a fuss about this. While I might have missed it, anything anywhere on she and the Second Gentleman having moved in, or fixed up the spare room for nocturnal visits from Willie Brown??  Even if so, why couldn’t she just move in?  We know that Pence wasn’t resistant to any of the far left agenda and committed major acts of treason and sedition by not demanding an audit of the vote, then elbow bumping Pelosi when the crime was a fait accompli, becoming the “Getaway Driver”. (I never liked Pence, even when he was playing RACE BANNON protecting Hadji, Bandit and Dr. Benton on Johnny Quest! Although Trump does bear a striking resemblance to young Johnny!)

And if you couldn’t see this treason coming, then you know nothing about his links to child sex rings and white slavery as the King of the Cho Moes in Indiana and Michigan. Don’t let that white bread super Christian facade fool you. I even mentioned this point to my long time pal “JUAN O’SAVIN”, and even he said, “yeah, well everyone knows Pence is a Pedo!”

Biden’s Oval Office Studio

6. We all saw BiDumb dazed and confused (his usual state!) locked out of the White House, but did anyone ever see him go in? Or move in all of his stuff? Because nobody has even bothered to turn on the LIGHTS!  Let’s just assume there’s an op going on with the Joint Chiefs pulling all the puppet strings. Just assume it with me for a moment.  They could film everything on a set. It’s not hard at all. The MAGIC and MIND KONTROL of HOLLYWOOD! CASTLE ROCK STUDIOS in Culver City produced the show THE WEST WING. If you’ll remember recently they did a WEST WING REVISITED or a West Wing Reunion show. Well, they totally redid and rebuilt the Oval Office and the West Wing sets to do this show, and they made quite a to-do over not striking those sets holding them for “future productions”.

But wait, there’s more! There is another complete Oval Office and West Wing mock up only a 30 min. drive from DC in Virginia as well. So you have totally fake Western AND Eastern White House sets ready to go! In this photo of a “WHITE HOUSE” meeting, right over Biden’s left shoulder, you can SEE where the “fly wall” of the set has not been fully pushed together and you can see the soundstage behind it, and you can see where the wall doesn’t meet the floor due to the wheels used to roll the set wall for the next shot set up. So there is your proof SOMETHING is going on!


  Also, for whatever it’s worth, no one with insider knowledge who has made these predictions about someone running control of a Black Op has backed down. And, weirdly enough, there are actual facts and hard evidence behind what they are saying. I’m not talking about Christian fortune-tellers either, but serious people like Generals Mike Flynn & McInerney. 

Dr. Steve Pieczenik, who’s been going on The Alex Jones (Remember him?) show for 20 years, has made the same predictions and he went back on his show last Thursday and doubled down again!  Sure, they could be wrong, but they have reputations to preserve and hence can’t just say crazy stuff to get attention like most of the Internet Mob.  Here’s the interview w/ Steve:



 Finally, as PROMISED, your final DOSE of HOPIUM…there IS a path to victory for Trump and America!


First, Trump has to win the “impeachment trial” farce (which he will easily). The entire process is illegal null and void, which they KNOW, but they are stalling for time with major negotiations going on behind the scenes. Significantly, Roberts just sniggered at these Senile Senatorial Maroons and is refusing to preside, which also makes the whole thing illegal. 

Art. 1, sec. 3, cl. 6 states,

“When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside”. 

 There is a chief justice, and yet he is NOT PRESIDING. Senator Leahy isn’t the chief justice. Chief user of Depends in the Senate maybe, but even his Dem colleagues complain of the noxious clouds of green fog that comes off this guy. Sure, but where’s the justice? But we are in a JUST DO WHAT YOU FEEL world now…not one contained or constrained by the shackles of the Constitution!

Anyway, (pay attention now…) after Trump beats the rap, federal law explicitly allows him to file for a writ of quo warranto against Biden on the grounds he usurped the office of the presidency with help from FOREIGN POWERS, and Trump is lawfully entitled thereto. Another reason why the Dems are STALLING and why Pelosi WILL NOT convene the new Congress until later this month.

Natural Born Citizen

See my previous reports for case law and analysis of the federal quo warranto statute. The bottom line is that SCOTUS has held that an election of any United States official can be challenged based on fraud or error by a writ of quo warranto. And the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals recently held that…

It could be just ONE suit, where Trump has clear STANDING as the one directly HARMED by these actions. I don’t believe it would be expedited, and he can go after ALL the states; not just The Sinister Six, but Commiefornia (the ballots violate state law and so should go to NO ONE!)

Virginia (just as bad as the others), New Mexico, New Hampshire (No, I don’t believe the Republicans swept ALL the state offices but lost ALL the federal elections…PUH-LEASE!) and Minnesota. Trump can have a jury trial, so, no swamp-judge can just toss it because he “isn’t convinced.” 

It won’t be expedited, and if it takes more than two years, then Trump could run again in 2024.  As soon as he DOES win, ALL the Biden/Harris actions are null & void.  If Pence doesn’t want to return, then the obvious choice for his replacement is, as all will agree, the QAnon Shaman!

Hey Jon-Jon? You still out there somewhere buddy? We’re all pullin’ for ya! COME HOME!

You can read more about Trump bringing a quo warranto action here:



FULL DISCLOSURE: I Predicted that Trump would win by a landslide and he did. 80 million+ votes, more than any Republican Presidential Candidate in history.  Predicted that the Republicans would pick up 10 seats in the House. They picked up 12. The margin is now only 9.

Predicted Republican’s would pick up 2 seats in the Senate. They did and got beat by Stacy Abrams, her JUDGE SISTA and her Musical Magical VOTE FRAUD Machine. I mean when they fixed NOTHING, what did they expect to get?  And I have never seen anything dumber than the modern Republican party who truly are NOT COMFORTABLE with having power or wielding it. They just like to lose then get bitch slapped wit da back O’ Silky da Pimp’s good hand then NAG! NAG! NAG!

AND…all the above predictions made me totally uncomfortable, as none of what I said made SENSE with the future I was seeing for America and the world. And you can see the conundrum…

Due to a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the JULY 4th birth chart of the USA, starting in 1840, every president elected every 20 years…dies in office. Reagan was an inch away, and Bush’s Secret Service came to my HOME, took my advice and saved his life. (Really sorry about all that!)

Remember this year, all over the news there was a historic conjunction of the “CHRISTMAS STAR” where Jup. And Sat. were right atop each other in the night sky. This last happened September 27, 2 BC, which was the date given for the birth of Immanuel Ben Joseph aka JESUS, by the Great Pyramid of Giza no less. So whoever was elected was going to die…and I KNEW that wasn’t going to be Donald Trump, at least NOT if he was sworn into office on January 20th.

Also, Trump was a CHANGE IN THE FUTURE TIME LINE…A GLITCH where the stylus skipped the album, but then the Swamp, Vatican and MILITARY INDUSTRIAL INTELLIGENCE PHARMACUTICAL ENTERTAINMENT COMPLEX, all of which Trump ran afoul of, made sure the needle on the record went right back into the DOOM GROOVE.


Getting BIBLICAL, nations only last 5 tranches of 50, or Grand Jubilee cycles lasting 250 years. Nations are given 200 years to obey the Jubilee Commandments, and then they slide into a 50 year 5th Cycle of Discipline where that nation is raped, enslaved and ultimately destroyed. Notice how the decline of all western civilization as we know it began in 1969 to 1975? This is ALSO predicted by the Great Pyramid!

Right now this nation is at 245 with only 5 years to go. And if you think the United States does not completely and totally deserve what is coming, then you’re a fool. We have sat back and watched the demonic forces of sheer and utter DARKNESS take over our country, the minds of our children, the perversion of our media, in a concise and planned coup. A PUPLE REVOLUTION, that has been repeated over and over in country after country for the past 200 years. Gain control over the chief law enforcement officials (Attorney Generals of major cities and States. CHECK!). Foment revolution over real or imagined issues, create DIVISION of races, classes, sexes, then create lawlessness and chaos, then rig the ballots and the voting machines. Get in power. Never leave. DEMONIZE, MURDER and JAIL all whom OPPOSE YOU!


Feeling sleepy yet? Good. Nighty-nite!

By Radiopatriot

Retired Talk Radio Host, Retired TV reporter/anchor, Retired Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Retired Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist Twitter.com/RadioPatriot * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot


  1. Thank you. I find merit in so much of what is said, however, the part about the nuclear football bothers me as from what I have read, that part is incorrect. The old president keeps ‘his’ football, with a specific code that will set off the command, while he leaves office. The new president is given an identical football, but no operable code. Once the inauguration is complete, the old code is made inoperable & the out-going president no longer has the power to command any action with the nuclear football. Simultaneously, the new president’s football is made operable with a new code & he then has that power. This is verifiable, military procedure. So, it is misleading to imply that Trump still has an operable, code-bearing nuclear football.
    Unfortunately, this misconstruing of facts causes some questions of some of the other points made. I guess more research!

  2. very interesting , regarding JR .and DIANA .. but he TRUMP still has Swamp rats around him . that are saying DO not do the voter fraud or they will vote to impeach which lindsey is full of bullships.. and as for PENCE hmmm .. I WISH TRUMP Would do that file those papers or something .. but me think he wait till 2024 is what I;m hearing

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