If you’re this dumb, you simply shouldn’t be allowed to vote. But there’s always a way to learn. Read on…

I listened to several podcasts last night, staying up WAY too late. One that was particularly enjoyable was Mike Adams’ Situation Update. The guy’s a born comedian and at the same time, bright as a bulb when it comes to chemistry-related nutrition and foodstuffs.

Tune him in if you haven’t caught his shows. Suggest you begin with this one – he’s George Carlin without the meanness.


Another favorite evening listen is Scott Kesterson on BARDS FM. Scott has a wonderful voice (due to his love of microphones), a great sense of humor and he’s always interesting. His choice of music is a great complement to the life lessons he shares, using stories from the Bible that tie in with the challenges we face as a nation, the world in which we live, and humanity, good and bad. He’s a prolific broadcaster – hosting several shows a day, seven days a week.

X22 Report, Monkeywerx, Simon Parkes — who has time for TV with these regular listens?