Move aside, Big Pharma: BIG COVID is a trillion-dollar industry and those who profit from it will make sure covid never goes away

Big Pharma wants to vaccinate you ANNUALLY for coronavirus … with no end, ever

CDC data show coronavirus vaccine has caused 501 deaths and over 11,000 adverse reactions (so far)

Wisconsin doctor suffered miscarriage after covid vaccine, tweeted #VaccinesWork

Fauci demands America use children as human guinea pigs for covid vaccine experiments

TESTING MANDATE: Biden administration considering requiring coronavirus tests for domestic flights

Situation Update, Feb. 11th – Environmental groups call out Bill Gates for insanely dangerous global terraforming scheme

MENTAL illness is rising in people who have recovered from COVID, as the controlling germaphobic approach to disease fails their body and mind

Yearly COVID-19 shots might be needed by everyone, Johnson & Johnson CEO now conveniently claims

mRNA vaccines for the Wuhan coronavirus caused blood disorder in at least 36 people