Comfort Post!🍿

If you’re concerned about Durham & Syria, read this post.

-Durham Resignation: 

We already knew Durham announced his resignation on Feb 9. Yet the media outlets are focusing on it now.

Durham to resign Feb 28.

Huber to resign Feb 28.

Trump to speak at CPAC Feb 28.


The time between when Q posted “Durham” on Nov 13, 2020 and the day he is set to resign Feb 28, 2021, is 107 days. (Drop the 0, you have 17, coincidence?).

Q Drop 107 states, “Note when we just sent the go orders and when this Tweet went live. 


Durham’s investigation is most likely complete. Durham will REMAIN as Special Council.


-US Strikes in Syria:

“17” people, pro-Iranian fighters, were killed in the attack. Coincidence?

When Q mentions “Syria”, also gives us reassurances:

Patriots in Control.

Moves and Countermoves.

Trust the Plan.

Trust POTUS.

Why is the Military so Important?

Art of the Deal.

DS have lost all control. The end is near.

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming

Nothing! 😉