I was in the mood for Chinese tonight, so off I went to the local Kim Bo (Or is it Kim Chow?) for lo mein and sweet & sour chicken. My fortune cookie read: “Fear is the darkroom where negatives are developed.”

Yep. that about says it. While chowing down, I flipped over to see what GhostEzra is saying today. Here are a few of HIS “fortune cookie messages:”

New elections for Congress, not Potus. Settled already. Trump won.

We have to fill all those empty seats.

Many will try and blackpill you, either intentionally or unintentionally. Don’t let them.

Blackpillers are the doom and gloomers. They often are the one’s that think all of this voter fraud caught Trump by surprise. Yeah right. He was talking about it since 2012 publicly. He signed a 2018 EO on election interference. It was over before it began baby. 😎

Military operation. FISA courts. Just because you didn’t hear it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. When did you find out about Obama’s wiretaps on Trump? Years later. Same here. Fisa works both ways.

No more 2024 talk. It’s pure crap.

Who knows if Trump will run for a 3rd term. Let him finish his second term first. Lots of great contender’s in 2024. Flynn, Jr, and Pompeo.

This Covid package was settled many months ago. The release of it now is all theater.

You may hate this movie. You may want it to end yesterday. Regardless of your position, the movie’s still playing. It’ll end, and when it does you’ll know it.

Everything is connected. All of it. That goes for the bad guys, but also for the good guys.

Did the IRS tax deadline get moved?

If you got money coming to you file immediately. If you owe money wait.

Will the real president of the United States please stand up.

The whole Royal family was corrupt, with one exception.

He actually said this out loud.

I’d love to have an overnight sleepover at the White house. Just one night to sniff it out. It would be the most interesting night ever.

Now the Vatican different story. I wouldn’t go near that place.


That’s above ground. Underground it gets that much worse.

Imagine being a child walking through here. Horrific.