Many did, mostly out of curiosity. I watched for about five minutes and then moved on. Lin Wood tuned in. Here’s his initial take on the Joe Biden speech to America.

I took a break from composing a letter to the State Bar of Georgia (will post later) to watch Joey Bribes Biden speak to the nation and the world.

Just confirmed what any objective American knows – Joey Bribes is NOT a strong and decisive leader with a clear vision on how to Make America Great Again!

Are we allowed to hug and kiss our grandchildren or do you have to wear a mask and social distance?

Are we allowed to have a barbecue on July 4 with our family or friends or do we have to limit numbers and social distance?

I could go on and on but I will reflect more before I comment further. Plus I want to see what you thought of the performance I will say that i did not hear a single word from Joey Bribes about any of the serious issues facing our country. He should name it, “The Vaccination Speech” (with a strong hint of another Covid variant to come).

Pray for our country.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

P.S. I was relieved that Joey Bribes did not fall walking down the hall after the speech. His gait looked a little unsteady.

Earlier Lin wondered if Joey Bribes Biden would address concerns we Americans have about many things:

Joey “Bribes” Biden is scheduled to address the nation (and the world) tonight at 8 pm. I think this will be his first speech since January 18, 19, or 20.

I suspect many will watch him. Even I will finally turn on the Propaganda TV out of sheer curiosity.

Will Joey deliver his remarks live or will the speech be a video tape?

Will Joey take questions from real reporters? If not, will he ever hold a live press conference in front of real reporters?

Will Joey address the border crisis? Covid restrictions and mandates? U.S. relationship with CCP, Iran, Israel, and Russia? The country’s $30 Trillion debt? Continued doubts about the integrity of the November 2020 election? What appears to be a sustained National Guard presence with fences in Washington, D.C.? Rapid and continuing loss of right of free speech, particularly on social media? Why is Karbala Harris conducting discussions with world leaders instead of those meetings being conducted by him? What is his position on H.R. 1? Is he going to be delivering a State of the Union address as required by the Constitution? Etc., etc., etc.

There is a very long list of issues of concern to the American public.

Will be very interesting to see what Joey Bribes has to say tonight.

In these extraordinary times, Americans need a strong and decisive leader with a clear vision on how to Make America Great Again.

Do you agree?

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