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On this day one year ago:

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We only follow three Channels/Groups here on TELEGRAM.
Yesterday, we decided to have a look through some of the other groups that are mentioned many times by you, in our chat timeline.

Question: Does there seem to be a ‘competition’ at the moment, to see who can come up with the most outlandish and obscure ‘truths’? Or is it just me? Dates, times, names etc.. ⚔️

Edit: since everyone is asking, DJTJR, VERITAS, DUROV (TG CEO)

There are other awesome Patriots that ARE on here, but we follow them on their other accounts.

MARCH 13, 2020
3:44PM EST, and 4:02PM EST

*from old twitter and IG devices.


So Joe doesn’t have an Emergency red button for Diet Coke?

MARCH 10, 2020
2:00PM EST and 11:54AM EST

March10 #Throwback

MARCH 10, 2020
3:58PM EST
East Room, WH

MARCH 2, 2020
11:29AM EST, and 4:42PM EST

MARCH 3, 2020
3:17PM EST 3rd image

Throwback #March2 #March3

MARCH 2, 2020
10:03PM EST

MARCH 5, 2020
4:22PM EST

MARCH 6, 2020
6:10PM EST


This just announced:


Would you like to see us bringing back the Daily ‘WH’ reports, as we use to previously? Daily schedule and all play by play movements.

45% – No I don’t care about following the Biden ‘admin’ (22,704 votes)

37% – Yes I’m curious and want to stay up to date with any fast ones they try to pull (18,423 votes)

18% – I’m easy either way (9,110 votes)

Total 50,239 votes