Lin Wood shared with us yesterday and today:

“At his request, I met with President Trump in the Oval Office 1 year ago today on March 11, 2020.

President Trump radiates with a love of country and freedom. It was my honor to meet him in person and shake his hand.

I told him I thought he was doing God’s will for this country and I would help him in any way I could.

My words are as true today as they were one year ago.

President Trump will drain the swamp and Make America Great Again.

By the way, March 11 was also the day the Worldwide Pandemic was declared.

I saw Faustian Fraud Fauci in the hallway outside the Situation Room. First impressions do matter. I did not trust him from his looks that day when I first saw him and I trust even less now.

And that was before I learned that he could not throw a baseball 60 feet in the right direction. Remember? He bounced the ball in the direction of the first base dugout. Pathetic then. Pathetic now.

Fauci is a fraud.

Our country is in a state of turmoil, uncertainty, and disunity that at least equals, if not exceeds, the the divisions which led to the Civil War.

After being complacent for so many years and being almost blindly led by the federal government, We The People allowed Washington, D.C. and many of our state officials to usurp the power recognized by our Founding Fathers to be vested in We The People.

Is there a plan to regain control of our country so that we again follow the Constitution? Some suggest yes and others say no. If there is a plan, I doubt anyone is going to reveal it to the enemy. If some say there is not a plan, I would ask how do they know that asserted fact to be true?

I have remained loyal to President Trump and plan to continue maintaining that loyalty until and unless proven wrong. I do not believe President Trump turned over the keys to our country to the CCP, the Globalists, and/or the Deep State. I believe Trump is a Patriot. So I continue to urge patience.

In the meantime, I urge that Patriots begin to reclaim their local governments and build from that base to regain control over their state governments. The governmental entities closest to where you live will always be the most responsive to your views.

Kinda like the decision to take the vaccine. Do your own objective research and then talk to your own health care provider. Make your own informed decision, not one based on blindly following recommendations of federal government “experts.”

Stand on your personal freedom and demand that government officials recognize, not destroy, our country’s freedom.

Citizens should demand that their local and state officials conduct a valid audit of the November 2020 ballots.

If the election results were illegal or fraudulent, demand a new election.

Citizens should demand that their local and state officials reject any further use of computer voting machines. Keep it simple and verifiable – insist on voter identification and paper ballots.

If officials are selected in a dishonest election, they have NO right to lead or be in government. Identify them and replace them.

H.R. 1 validates fraudulent elections. Let your state legislators know you will not allow it to be the law of your state. And let your U. S. Senators know that if they vote for it, they will be the ones who soon lose the right to ever vote again as a U.S. Senator.

Exercise your right of free speech and peaceful assembly. If necessary, engage in non-violent civil disobedience.

Do not be intimidated. Fight back lawfully in exercising your fundamental human rights recognized in the Bill of Rights to our Constitution. They are our rights. They do not belong to the government. The government did not grant them to us. The government cannot take them away from us.

Wake up and recognize the truth. We are in the midst of a coup intended to overthrow our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

We are now being deprived of the following rights and it will only get worse if we do not take all lawful actions to stop and reverse the process:

Right of free speech.
Freedom of religion.
Right of peaceful assembly.
Right to redress grievances.
Right to a free press.
Right to bear arms.
Right to due process and equal protection.
Right to counsel of our choice.
Right to confront accusers (and not allow them to wear masks when confronted in a court of law).
Right to a jury trial be a jury of your peers.

If any government official does not support these rights 100%, recall and replace them.

If judges do not follow the law, inundate the Bar with complaints. Demand they resign or be impeached.

We must ourselves lawfully act to reclaim our fundamental rights if we are going to reclaim our country.

Joey Bribes Biden wants you to celebrate getting $1,400 or $5,500 in Covid “stimulus” money???

Where does that “money” come from? It comes from you. And much of your money is being wasted and given to other countries instead of being returned to you.

Don’t be fooled by the smoke and mirrors of career politicians. They use your hard-earned money to further their own interests and fatten their own pocketbooks.

Then they throw you back a bone and expect you to be happy and obedient.

Errant nonsense.

I am waging war with various Bar Associations? Why? I could quietly retire and live a modest existence for the rest of my time on this Earth.

But these fraudulent Bar complaints provide me with a vehicle to lawfully fight for free speech, for due process, for honest elections, for individual rights, and for the right to oppose pedophilia, child sex trafficking, and corrupt government officials.

Many of you have joined in my fights with your donations and emails/letters of support.

I will not quit fighting. I will not go quietly in the night. I urge you to take the same pledge.

And if the opportunity presents itself in the future for me to do more for my country, I will do it. I advocate for We The People. And I advocate for faith in God. That is why I urge you to pray. God is our hope for the future.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸