The Coronaman Cometh: The Real Bioweapons Story of Jeff Epstein by GEORGE WEBB
A Review by Connie Bevan 
March 15th, 2021

George Webb, Investigative Reporter and Network Analyst, has been pounding the pavement for almost five years now, at his own expense. He sold two houses to do what he is doing. The pivot point was when he found that Evergreen Airlines was bringing drugs into the school near where his family was living at the time in Oregon and after he exposed it, the cabal carved a coffin-sized hole in the new house he was building there.

Needless to say, weapons and bioweapons, and ratlines became a-need-to-find-out story from then on, and George Webb has written a series of short-read entreaties of sorts on the different stories he has covered in his many deep-dive investigations.

In The Coronaman Cometh: The Real Bioweapons Story of Jeff Epstein, he connects the dots between the young Jeff Epstein, the Dalton School, Donald Barr, the father of the recent Attorney General Bill Barr, and the virus that has locked down America and the world, affecting our lives by taking away our freedoms and forcing us to wear the outward shaming of the masks of the Venetians.

This is a journey that you won’t want to miss, because this pandemic has been going on now for over a year, and there are 13 strains to release which will keep this continuing for years to come, and maybe into perpetuity. This virus may be The Last Of The Humans. The culling of the human population by the ruling cabal. Let’s not give them the last laugh.