We have movement… MelQ reporting.


Live feed

“The Ever Given ship is not yet fully dislodged and “it is too early to say when the Suez Canal will be cleared for operations again,” the shipping giant added.” – CNBC

The live feed shows the ship all the way to the side of the canal

Moving 3-4 knots. Has gone quite a bit north now. Live feed still shows ship listing to the side. All eyes are on the ship regardless of situation outcome.

Live feed:

“I gave theories, I don’t know what will happen. Try not to get caught up in theories. Q drops are meant to be cryptic and hard to understand and decipher. And Q has stated many times that disinformation is necessary. I may have been lucky or I may have been wrong. I think most people that follow Q understand that. They also understand that the plan will happen, because like me, they have seen for the past three years the proof pass in front of their eyes over and over and over again that this will happen. But none of us will know when or how. But we know God Wins!”