The government has used Americans as guinea pigs for decades. Bill Gates and his buddy, Dr. Anthony Fauci are UN Agenda 21 proponents of depopulation wherein the earth accommodates only 500 million people. They have strong monetary ties to the untested mRNA vaccines as well as the vaccines that are grown via aborted baby cells. Gates says we can eliminate population through vaccines.

America vaccinates more than any other country. The reality is that vaccinations have never, in all of history, diminished the incidence of disease.

Please research states with non-medical exemptions for vaccines and write your legislators to pass bills protecting your medical freedom.’

The Demonic Carnage of Vaccines, Part Three

Cherie Zaslawsky WRITES: I thought you’d want to see the Covid Vaccine Disclosure Form that Catherine Austin Fitts created to help drive home the seriousness and real-world consequences of agreeing to participate in an experimental trial of a new form of vaccine.