…get a free Fauci donut.

Think about it…

If everyone had to have a ‘health care’ passport that allowed arbitrary discrimination based upon whatever ‘evidence’ is shown on the card, who would agree to such a ‘passport’ or ‘vaccination card’?

It would allow anyone arbitrarily to discriminate against you. Terms and conditions of the discrimination would also be arbitrary. It would violate your privacy. It would be used in a capricious manner.

All in favor of replacing the word ‘anus’ with ‘Fauci’ henceforth? Raise your hand.

NEW – Superseding Indictment hits Ghislaine Maxwell with charges for “sex trafficking of a minor”


The interdasting component of this new charge is trafficking CONSPIRACY

There needs to be more than one for a conspiracy.

Who else will be indicted as a conspirator, I wonder?

Agree that it’s difficult to wake folks up because of the issues with overcoming cognitive dissonance. Also agree that Q isn’t a deep state plan. It only causes the DS harm. You could argue that it’s makes us easier to spot, but so does not taking a vaccine or your Internet history. The algorithm could do it all for them without a Q larp.

Hold the line. Most folks are on autopilot and if you don’t let them know what you think they’ll just keep following the herd.