I’ve known Buzz Patterson for many years through my involvement with the Tea Party movement, and the Move America Forward military support organization. Buzz helped me raise thousands of dollars by auctioning three of Buzz’s autographed books on eBay to benefit an active duty Army soldier whose wife had died of breast cancer, leaving him with three young children to raise on his own.

[Conduct Unbecoming: How Barack Obama is Destroying The Military and Endangering Our Security; Dereliction of Duty: The Eyewitness Account of How President Bill Clinton Compromised America’s Long-Term National Security; War Crimes: The Left’s Campaign to Destroy Our Military and Lose the War on Terror]

Through the years, I’ve kept up with Buzz via social media, and see that he hasn’t lost his brilliance and razor-sharp ability to slice and dice the idiots out there.

His incisive commentary on Twitter is something to behold and enjoy. So, for those who aren’t on Twitter or who are not familiar with Buzz, allow me to introduce you. Enjoy!

“If you’re a baseball fan and you want to vote for the All Star teams, you get to vote 5 times @MLB. Not once, but 5 times. Seems ironically appropriate, right?”

2) Why Georgia? It’s a swing state. Why not care about Delaware and New York? They’re not in play. I’m not a politician. I don’t want to be. I do, however, want to serve.

“The corporate ignorance about Georgia election bill is staggering and depressing. Today, right now, deep blue states like Delaware and New York are more restrictive. We have a huge vacuum in this nation: education, common sense, and leadership have been drained systematically.”

If the whole country passes election reform will these woke corporations go away to other countries?

“If the @NBA and @MLB moved operations to China, most Americans would cheer.

And, @Delta can fly them there while they sip @CocaCola products.”

“Our president and his spokesperson are lying to you about Georgia. They think you are stupid. And, if you’re black, they think you are REALLY stupid.”

And @MLB just proved it.”

You can’t get a COVID vaccination without an ID but @MLB thinks they know better and you don’t need one to vote.

And this…

Find Buzz at Twitter at https://twitter.com/BuzzPatterson and tell him I said “hi!”