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Something to prove? Biden’s conspicuous walk up to Air Force One gets a lot of looks

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton 

…Typically, presidents do not carry anything on board Air Force One. Anything they need is loaded onto the plane before the president arrives. So, it is curious why at this juncture, President Biden would carry a satchel with him as he ascended the steps to take a seat on the plane. The optics for the masses did not pass the smell test for many who observed the incident.Ads by 

Former President Trump also took note of Biden’s multiple missteps earlier in March. “Well, I think the press conference is probably the least of it,” Trump stated. “People saw a lot of things happening long-prior to the press conference – and even the trip up the stairs – up and down, three times – there are a lot of things going on, so we’ll see what happens.”

“I hope he’s in good shape I hope he’s OK for the sake of the country,” the former president noted.

Trump compared the media’s lack of coverage on Biden’s fall and their coverage of his ramp walk: “But they covered that for weeks, and this guy falls down three times, he couldn’t get up, the third time he didn’t know where the hell he was.”

“And it was not on the evening news, other than a couple of networks, but it wasn’t ABC, CBS, NBC, and it got almost no coverage. It’s incredible,” he declared.

Biden’s alleged efforts to look stronger and younger than he actually is at his age appear to be backfiring on him and Americans are noticing. The president has fractured his foot and has had numerous gaffes since taking office, including referring to Vice President Harris as the presidentmore than once. He reads from cue cards and has had only one press conference that had been heavily criticized as being full of errors and scripted. Biden also faced accusations of preselecting journalists and of allegedly providing them questions beforehand.

The president was heavily mocked on Twitter and the image he tried to portray came under scrutiny: