“Pfizer is the next addition to the list of companies that have refused to thoroughly answer our question about why they believe the Georgia voter integrity law is racist or otherwise wrong. They simply refuse to give specifics,” said Soderberg after the meeting.

“Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, like many other business executives who can’t effectively defend their claims, calls for ‘equity’ and an effort to ensure ‘every American citizen’s right to vote’ without pinpointing how this legislation undermines those notions.

Bourla went so far as to say: ‘We are not taking a position… on specific laws.’

It’s blatantly clear why they aren’t taking a stance on specific laws they deem racist, because their accusations are baseless and there is no provision in the bill that could satisfy their race-based claims. Corporate leaders continue to point to racism where there is none.” — FEP Associate Davis Soderberg 

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