From Gen. Tom McInerney, posted on his TELEGRAM account:

Q intelligence inlcudes:

Michael Flynn
L. Lin Wood
Sidney Powell
Kash Patel
Ezra Cohen-Watnick
Christopher Miller.

Top level NSA intelligence officials. Former and current.

Certain Commanders in the US Military.

Patriots in the CIA.

Patriots in the DOD.

Not even Trump’s family knows much about how the operation works.

Donald Trump still receives full briefings daily.


Tiffany Trump, Cyber National Security


“Satan has dominion over the water.”


“When Q said watch the water..”



“Don’t forget what happened in Nashville in December. Deep state used a missile to destroy a data center.

Don’t forget the fire in the warehouse in New York which was a location for printing the of fake emergency ballots.

All Patriots should be on standby.”


Rewriting History….pay attention”.

USA Today Rewrites Stacy Abrams “Boycott Georgia” Column To Give Her Cover
USA Today rewrites Stacy Abrams column so that her calls for the MLB to pull the All Star Game out of Atlanta would no longer be what she was demanding, and …