“John Kerry’s treason is nothing compared to what Patriots in the NSA have on the Obama administration.

POTUS told us about John Kerry and his shady dealings with Iran almost 2 years ago (so did 17)

This clip is from May 9, 2019.

POTUS always knows.

— Gen. Tom McInerney


UFO clearance….for Jimmy Kimmell


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Fwd: UFOs and Jimmy Kimmel

From:slatham@hillaryclinton.com To: john.podesta@gmail.com, mharris@hillaryclinton.com  Date: 2015-11-04 18:01 Subject: Fwd: UFOs and Jimmy Kimmel UFO clearance….for Jimmy Kimmell ———- Forwarded message ———- From: Sara Latham <slatham@hillaryclinton.com> Date: Wed, Nov 4, 2015 at 2:59 PM Subject: Re: UFOs and Jimmy Kimmel To: Betsaida Alcantara <balcantara@hillaryclinton.com>, Kristina Schake < kschake@hillaryclinton.com>, Milia Fisher <mfisher@hillaryclinton.com> he thinks it would be awesome and funny, if she explained that you don’t use the term UFO anymore… ‘Jimmy if you talk about UFOs, people think you’re nuts – you have to use the term, UAP – unexplained aerial phenomenon. this is an issue I think the govt should take this more seriously the govt has been too stingy on what information we should know and when I’m President, the american people will find out !! John’s line is – the american people can handle the truth https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unidentified_flying_object On Wed, Nov 4, 2015 at 2:35 PM, Sara Latham <slatham@hillaryclinton.com> wrote: > ha yes, I am v familiar with JDP’s area51 and X Files obsession….. > > the question seems odd ? is there any further context on why Jimmy is > going down the alien road ?? > > which skit did we agree, in the end ? > > > On Wed, Nov 4, 2015 at 2:30 PM, Betsaida Alcantara < > balcantara@hillaryclinton.com> wrote: > >> Sara, >> Jimmy Kimmel is planning to ask HRC about UFOs and area 51. Jimmy >> Kimmel’s producer noted that Podesta is particularly interested in the >> topic. The producer cited the Mother Jones story below titled “ETs for >> Hillary: Why UFO activists are excited about Clinton presidency”, in it >> they quote Podesta’s comments on the topic. I’m also including comments >> Bill Clinton made on the topic. Schake thinks Podesta could help us develop >> a fun answer to this. The memo is due at 6:30pm tonight. Let me know if you >> can help. >> >> Potential Q: >> *Two of your closest advisers Bill Clinton and John Podesta have spoken >> out about their strong interest in UFOs and area 51. Mother Jones had an >> article this spring titled, “ETs for Hillary: Why UFO activists are excited >> about Clinton presidency”. Is there a reason they should be excited? Are >> you ready to make a campaign promise to this critical constituency tonight?* >> >> >> >> *BACKGROUND* >> >> *MOTHER JONES STORY:* >> >> >> http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2015/03/hillary-clinton-ufo-aliens-podesta >> >> The UFO activists’ hopes for Hillary are pinned on the assumption she >> believes in their cause—despite having never spoken publicly about it. In >> particular, they are encouraged that John Podesta, Bill Clinton’s former >> chief of staff, will likely chair Clinton’s campaign and would likely serve >> in another Clinton White House. As a self-described “curious skeptic,” >> Podesta has openly called forgreater government transparency on UFO-related >> matters. In his forward to UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials >> Go on the Record, a 2011 book by journalist Leslie Kean, he wrote, “It’s >> time to find out what the truth really is that’s out there. The American >> people—and people around the world—want to know, and they can handle the >> truth.” >> >> Podesta’s interest in extraterrestrial phenomenon is nothing new. In >> 1998, theWashington Post described his “fanatical devotion to ‘The >> X-Files’—especially FBI agent Fox Mulder, with whom he shares a penchant >> for obsessiveness and paranoia.” Grant Cameron, a Canadian UFO researcher, >> unsuccessfully tried to get the Clinton Library to release records >> detailing Podesta’s X-Files-themed 50th birthday party, which was >> apparently thrown by the first couple—who may have dressed up as the show’s >> main characters. >> >> Asked for clarification of Hillary Clinton’s stance on UFO disclosure, a >> spokesman from her office responded via email. “Our non-campaign has a >> strict policy of not commenting on extraterrestrial activity,” Nick Merrill >> wrote. “BUT, the Truth Is Out There.” >> >> *BILL CLINTON COMMENTS ON UFOs:* >> http://www.openminds.tv/bill-clinton-talks-ufos-area-51/26772 >> >> “What do we know now? We know we live in an ever expanding universe. We >> know that there are billions of stars and planets, literally, out there, >> and the universe is getting bigger. We know from our fancy telescopes that >> just in the last two years more than 20 planets have been identified >> outside of our solar system that seem to be far away enough from their suns >> and dense enough that they might be able to support some form of life. So, >> it makes it increasingly less likely that we are alone.” >> > > Download entire raw dataset for all published Podesta Emails hereTop


Mitch McConnell must be placed under arrest for treason.

Mike Pence is a well known pedophile.

Lindsey Graham is a well known pedophile.

Drew McKissick must not win in South Carolina. We the people must make sure Lin Wood is the winner.

Expecting a false flag/massive distraction soon. Be prepared for it


What role is Kash Patel playing in helping with exposing the election fraud?

You really thought Devin Nunes was silent for no reason?

Ezra Cohen and Christopher Miller misleading the media intentionally.

Nothing can stop what’s coming.


Never doubt the strategies of General Michael Flynn.


They came like thieves in the middle of the night.

White hats are now undercover in Arizona.

Patriots are in control.


Here comes the left with a new propaganda video.

Patriots must stick together right now regardless of any petty disagreements.

Liberals/Democrats/Progressives are cowards. We will humiliate and defeat them.

They are upset about being exposed as pedophiles.





More cops if not all need to resign. Let the animals kill each other.

Baltimore police fall below 700 sworn officers – faces closing police districts as morale fades
FOP: “Many of you are looking for other jobs due to the low pay, inadequate and unsafe working conditions, and the hostile work environment.”



Revolution coming in Germany.