Molly Macauley, her death investigated by George Webb, and now mentioned in the Twitter threads by @JonHeretoHelp that I have previously posted here.

Molly Macauley was stabbed to death because of what she knew. Did “RR” have something to do with her demise?

“Molly Macauley, one of the few economists specializing in satellites and the space program generally, was murdered last night (July 8, 2016) while walking her dogs near her home in Baltimore, MD.  She was 59.

According to the July 9 Baltimore Sun, she was stabbed to death while
walking her two dogs in the Roland Park neighborhood in Baltimore.  No
suspects have been identified. [The Baltimore Sun published an updated article on July 11 with a few more details, but there is still no suspect or motive.  Funeral arrangements have not been announced yet.] [Update July 12:  Funeral arrangements are not yet confirmed, but Resources for the Future, where Molly worked for more than 30 years, will hold a memorial service in September.  Details TBA.]

Macauley was a valued member of the space policy community for decades and renowned for her expertise on the economics of satellites, especially in the earth observation arena. Her professional portfolio was much broader, however, including the use of economic incentives in environmental regulation, climate and earth science, and recycling and solid waste management.  She testified before Congress many times and was the author of more than 80 journal articles, books, and book chapters.”