Did the Maricopa Police Department HAVE A BACKDOOR INTO THE DOMINION ELECTION SERVERS via a shared router?


The router story so far:

Dominion allegedly ran the election in Maricopa county. [1] Maricopa county allegedly never had the admin credentials and effectively ceded the ownership of the election to an OUTSIDE VENDOR. [2]

Jack Sellers, Chairman of Maricopa County Supervisors, said in a press release that the network routers used by the elections department are shared across 50 different county departments. The routers contain confidential information and info about classified law enforcement activities. He notes that WHOEVER has access to this router could potentially INTERCEPT SENSITIVE DATA.

In a last ditch effort, Maricopa County Supervisors hold an emergency meeting to find a way to deflect the router subpoena.

The geniuses decide they will ask George Soros’ puppet, Maricopa County Sheriff Penzone, to release a statement claiming that THE ELECTIONS DEPARTMENT ROUTER IS USED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT. In said letter, Sheriff Penzone clarifies that ANY PRIVATE VENDOR who has access to the router would be able to expose vulnerable classified data, regardless of any steps taken by said private vendor who may say otherwise.

Now we have a conundrum. It’s alleged that Dominion ran the election and had control of the routers, since Maricopa county never even had the admin password to the machines. Sheriff Penzone confirmed that any outside vendor who has had access to the routers will be able to expose classified law enforcement data, regardless of what the vendor says or promises to do. 

Did Dominion, a private vendor allegedly with access to the elections router, have access to the law enforcement networks via the router?

Did George Soros have access to the elections network via his puppet who runs the law enforcement network?

What are the other 49 networks also on that router?

Why do election servers need to be connected to 50 different unrelated networks?

Was election data modified by other networks sharing the same router?

Was HAMMER AND SCORECARD deployed in Maricopa County?