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Although the Left’s Lawfare crowd are fighting overtime to hide the truth, it always comes out. The Maricopa County, Arizona audit is definitely heating up—summary below. 

Stay focused Patriots—we are just getting started.

AZ election audit uncovers major election fraud in Maricopa County! Democrats knowingly deleted a directory full of election databases ~10 days before turning election equipment over to the AZ Senate audit team. They stole the election!

• 4/12 – County deleted election databases

• 4/21-22 – County election equipment was delivered to the audit

Why did security seals arrive cut and why were they placed at the bottom of the boxes? Why were security ballot bags not used by the County?

What is Maricopa County hiding? AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich needs to get involved immediately. 

AZ Senate Election Audit finds that Maricopa County delivered ballot boxes missing a significant number of ballots! We need AZ Attorney General Mark Brnovich to get involved now! @arizonaaudit

The @arizonaaudit discovers that there are missing ballots in Maricopa County! The Counties numbers don’t match up!

no chain-of-custody documentation for the ballots that the County provided for the audit!  

unsealed ballot bags and cut security seals at the bottom of ballot boxes found.

Now we know why the Democrats have opposed the @arizonaaudit from the beginning. 

Siri’s funded AZ Secretary of State @katiehobbs opposed the @arizonaaudit in Maricopa County and could now be held criminally responsible for the newly found fraud!  She could be in serious legal trouble.

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What are the chances another emergency meeting will be held by Maricopa County Supervisors tomorrow?


“UNDELETE” is a very simple task for any IT professional – let alone the country’s top computer forensics analysts.

Who is going to flip first?

At this point in the game, I think it is safe to say this:



1. Deleted databases

2. No chain of custody

3. Nobody knows the admin password

4. Election officials panicking

5. Huge amounts of digitally adjudicated ballots

6. Not allowed to look at the router

7. Router shared with at least 50 other networks

8. Election run by a private vendor

9. A hundred lawyers defending election officials

10. Soros’ Sheriff running interference 

11. Ignored subpoenas

12. Missing ballots

13. Hammer and scorecard?

14. Secretary of state taking campaign gifts from foreign countries

15. County voter files hacked then covered up

16. SQL server back door

17. Not allowed to discuss any of this on socialist media.

“Quick! How do we distract from the audit??”

“Lets start WW3.”



Forwarded message from Arizona Informer Channel:

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors posted an emergency meeting notice for today at 4 p.m.

Dominion has allegedly REFUSED to share access.

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Dominion Voting Systems releases statement responding to the Arizona Senate’s request for admin passwords.

Via Flying Monkey Duda 🐒

In a stunning statement allegedly put out by Dominion, they have refused to share access to the machines.

If Dominion had access to the machines, and Maricopa County did not, then WHO DELETED THE DATABASES?

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They got to get their stories straight and make sure nobody is planning to be the first to confess.

I have a strong feeling that we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg.

😏 🤣

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The image is of all the files that have been UNDELETED.  That shows it was recovered by the forensic IT teams. It’s not to show us that they were deleted it is to show that they HAVE IT ALL.

With all the anomalies being shown to have happened in Maricopa county, there is one phrase you shouldn’t forget: