Real Gen Flynn:

“A strong endorsement to follow but want people to see this video. Lin Wood is the fighter South Carolina needs as its next GOP Chairperson. The current chair doesn’t believe DJT won the 3rd of NOV Presidential election and runs from the truth. The people of South Carolina need fresh ideas and a fighter for the truth and a strong leader who will restore honesty, integrity and confidence back into the political life of South Carolina and America. God Bless and Protect Lin Wood.”

Supporter of Lin Wood, Behizy says:

President Trump, sometimes it’s better when you don’t endorse. Not everyone is worthy of your endorsement. You are being poorly advised on certain RINO politicians and your endorsement of the SCGOP Chairmanship is at the top of that list. This guy cares less about you and pretty much said so during an interview. He said you didn’t win the election on the 3rd of NOV—yet you did!

To suggest that Drew McKissKiss is actively fighting voter fraud is just a slap in the face to the people that are actively fighting voter fraud.

Mr. President, here’s a list of people actually fighting voter fraud

Liz Harris, Josh Barnett, Lin Wood, Nick Moseder, Cann Con, Sidney Powell, Dave Jose, Gail Golec, Mike Lindell, Leah Hoopes, Marilyn Todd *NH* Ken Eyring *NH* Sonny Borelli, Mark Finchem, Bill Bailey, Matt Deperno, Kandiss Taylor, Patrick Byrne, Steve Robertson, Shelby Busch, Susan Leigh Bertrand, Donald Readel, myself, etc (and etc includes tens of millions of Americans)

All of us wake up everyday, draw strength from the LORD, and fight against Big Tech, Corrupt State Officials, Local Officials, The Deep State, The Swamp, and the fake news to ensure that the truth gets out about the election. Without restoring election integrity, we will never have a free and fair election in our country again. Lin Wood will do that for South Carolina!

As they say in the south, “Bless His Heart.”

God will use the insignificant people (us deplorables, irredeemables, and all us “chumps” according to Joe) to bring sudden and massive change. Don’t worry Mr. President, none of us are perfect—we don’t expect you to be either. We still have your back because you stood up for the country in the face of an onslaught of marxists and communists and we the people will not relent nor ever give up our beautiful country, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 🇺🇸

Real Gen Flynn:

“To all and please share this endorsement far and wide…thank you!

I strongly and wholeheartedly continue to endorse Mr. Lin Wood for Chairman of the Republic Party of South Carolina. Lin is a strong MAGA conservative and a fighter for the people of South Carolina. His election as SCGOP Chair would send a very clear message to both the “fake news” media and current or potential politicians; In South Carolina, the SCGOP will demand that honesty, integrity and loyalty to the party’s voters are upheld by any candidate seeking GOP support. It’s for these reasons and more, that I support Lin Wood. 

Lin has been, and remains, a strong and consistent supporter of President Donald J. Trump. You can’t say the same for the current SCGOP Chair, Mr. McKissick, who believes that Trump lost the 3 NOV election to Joe Biden and has yet to firmly call for election reforms within the State or across the country. He is a false prophet- so to those voting at the SC State convention, I simply say buyer beware!

Lastly, it is dangerous enough to have committed marxists and communists seeking to destroy our nation. It is even more dangerous to have long-in-the-tooth establishment politicians who double-speak when it suits them. It only serves their purposes, and confuses the people of South Carolina and our great nation.

A message to President Trump: If the United States is to have a chance of being restored to its greatness (MAGA), we CANNOT continue along with“business as usual.” We must reject the failed policies and attitudes of these BIG-BRITCHES party bosses and politicians. We MUST choose humble, confident leaders who put the needs of their constituents above themselves – just like you have done, Mr. President and Lin Wood is all of this and more.

If the future of our country was not at stake as it is today, maybe I wouldn’t take such a vocal stand for South Carolina or our nation, but sadly it is. We can no longer afford to have the current SCGOP leadership doing the same thing and expecting different results. South Carolina requires fresh ideas and strong, honest leadership from a man who knows how to fight and win. 

Elect Mr. Lin Wood as the next South Carolina GOP Chairman!”

Lin Wood Response Endorsement

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