I fell asleep last night reading Garrett M. Ziegler’s interesting thread about the Italian involvement in the 2020 election fraud. I fought to stay awake because I wanted to read more, but despite my best effort, sleep overtook me.

However, this morning I went back to his thread and re-read it, and thought maybe you’d want to read it too. So, I’m reprinting it here for those who aren’t on TELEGRAM.

fyi, Ziegler worked as a staffer in the White House during the Trump administration, and this young man is as sharp and ambitious as they come, as you’ll see. (I have written about him several times on these pages — feel free to do a search to find them).

Ready? Here goes… we’ll pick it up with his posts of May 12.


(see below for print out)


Manuela Repetti.pdf (see front page image below)

la Repubblica 12.7.20 by Dario Del Porto.pdf