“Brigadier General Don Bolduc:

We have two generations that do not understand our history, do not appreciate our history, don’t understand the sacrifice, and they are defining everything they believe in by the Obama administration. “

On now, LIVE.

Watch three of the generals who authored the letter to American explain why they did it.



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“They knew they had to destroy the family” – Boykin

WHO betrayed this nation that got us into the mess we’re in??? — Bannon

What political, cultural, and financial elites got us into this situation?

This is NOT managed decline. You’re on the precipice of a revolution.

This thing is spinning out of control and it’s going to get worse if you don’t take control NOW at the local level where you still can.

Go back to the villages and it’s the deplorables who have to be called back again. And that’s where we’re going to win. But you need leaders like Boykin, it’s the brave who step forward.

Major General Gary L. Harrell (Ret. US Army)

“Remember Nikita Kruschev? ‘We will bury you from within.”

When you have a government that is standing in front of a tv screen showing thousands coming across the border and you’re saying the border is closed… you’ve got a problem.

Brig General Don Bolduc

“Now we have two generations of youngsters who do not know understand our history, and blaming capitalism for being the biggest devil because of the economic crash we had under Obama administration. And then use the Covid to isolate people, scare them, let’s make people afraid. Now they’ve undermined from the top because they’ve already undermined from the bottom.”

I’m running for US Senate (NH) because we have a problem and I believe our Governor is undermining our self determination, initiative…keeping the state closed, and doing things that will completely undermine our republic and destroy it from within.

We are being big tech censored, corporate ownership of national media and career politicians have gotten us into this position.”

We are in the final stages of what they believe to be the revolution. — Boykin

120 Retired Generals, Military Officers Sign Letter Warning of Conflict Between Marxism and ‘Constitutional Freedom’

More than 120 retired U.S. generals and admirals signed an open letter warning that the United States is …

Elle Kacz, [May 15, 2021 at 10:48:45 AM]:


RealHumboldt, [May 15, 2021 at 10:49:40 AM]:

AMERICAN HEROES: More Than 120 Retired Generals and Admirals Write Joe Biden Questioning His Mental Health — Support Evidence of Election Fraud

More than 120 retired US Generals and Admirals wrote Joe Biden this week questioning him on his mental health. The military leaders also agreed with the myriads of evidence of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election. The generals also admonish the corrupt FBI and Supreme Court for ignoring the election fraud in the 2020…

RealHumboldt, [May 15, 2021 at 10:49:40 AM]:

Maj. Gen. Gary L. Harrell

is this Seven Days in May? Is this the coup?

We’re not 7 days in May. We’ve been sitting back watching this, and we’ve had enough. OK if somebody doesn’t stop this we know where it’s going. We’re all three special ops forces, and we recognize it.

We’ve all been doing this for a long time. We’re doing this because we love our country. I’m not doing this for myself but I don’t want my children and grandchildren to go thru this because we know how miserable it’s going to be.

The oath means the same thing to me today as the day I took it. We are supposed to be following the Constitution and we’re not following it very well. If our leadership says we’re going to violate all those things, where does it end?

Bannon: There’s going to be a Commission on this, implying that these are leaders of sedition, what say you?

Bolduc: They’re absolutely incorrect. I took an oath to defend against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. I’m running for US Senate inside the system that was designed for us to make a change. We have to get rid of career politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle, putting in people who are public service oriented. Two terms, that should be the limit.

The sacrifice of those who fought to defend America.

Gen. Boykin: the most important part of the letter? You can give our military the best technology, weapons, etc. but nothing more important is cohesion, but these social experiments and making the military part of this big con is eroding the cohesion and the morale. Putting them out there in DC with no weapons. It is dividing the men and women in our military.

We’re usurping the authority of the chain of command and that’s a problem. They are undermining their authority and credibility and that’ll be revealed on the battlefield.

Harrell: We’re not advocating anything new. We’re talking about following the law. That is very very important. the only thing we should be looking for in the military is to build cohesion and choose people who meet the standards that have been around for a long time.

That cohesion that builds is important.

Bolduc: I am in complete agreement with both men, and I’m going to the national security aspect of this. Americans need to really understand they have a serious issue with security. Internally – borders, really bad situation affecting us all across the nation with weapons, drugs, terrorists. secondly, China, North Korea, Iran. Please understand the only thing we’re concerned about is your safety and secure, fiscal responsibility.

Bannon: In the letter, what made people below up is you specifically singled out Biden as not being up to the job. Why was that necessary?

Boykin: For four years, Trump was bombarded for his fitness to be CIC. What we are saying is that this needs to be taken seriously. When you can’t even remember your own sec defense’s name, and things like that there are good indicators that something’s off, and the D’s are asking about the nuclear capabilities, it has to be considered. You hav etc be objective on this issues.

Bannon: what can this audience do?

Boykin: start at the bottom, get on the school board, attending meetings, make your voice heard, vote judiciously, know what these people stand for, bombard members of congress with what you stand for. Let your voice be heard. Get to the polls and vote the right way.

Harrell: call to action – fall down on their knees and seek some guidance. Pay attention and get involved. two fo the three of us are running for political office, I got elected to be party chairman in Tennessee (Washington county.) If your’e not involved, you can’t complain about it.

Bolduc: get involved. Hold your leaders accountable and responsible. Question them. donbolduc.com

Bannon: the courage you have shown to stand up will be your finest hour.