Questions Raised About Maricopa County’s Non-Compliance With Placing Ballots Under Treasurer’s Control

Although voters now know which companies will be involved in the Arizona Senate’s audit of the processes used by Maricopa County during the 2020 General Election, one thing not yet decided is where the nearly 2.1 million original ballots will be audited. But an equally important question has come…

What is the REAL reason the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors refused to comply with AZ statutes and turn custody of the ballots over to the Treasurer?


Clint Hickman from the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors had a massive fire on his chicken farm on March 6.



On March 6, The Gateway Pundit reported that SHREDDED BALLOTS were found in Maricopa County.

Were any ballots removed from the pallets on March 2?

Were any ballots shredded?

What is an expedient way to dispose of massive amounts of shredded ballots?

This looks familiar…

EARLIER TONIGHT:More tonight from Code Monkey at TELEGRAM:

“On March 3, Jack sent a letter to an AZ State Senator saying that the county loaded the ballots onto the trucks on March 1 with the intention of delivering the ballots.

Jack attached a picture of ballots loaded onto a truck as proof.

There doesn’t appear to be a timestamp for the picture showing ballots on the truck.”

“According to Jack’s letter, the ballots were loaded onto trucks as of March 1.

Why is there NEST video from inside the Maricopa County election center showing people moving ballots around on March 3?

Werent they already loaded onto trucks on March 1?

What happened on March 2?

Who had the ballots on March 2?”

Where is the chain of custody for the ballots on March 2?

Did someone tamper with the ballots on March 2?

Did the auditors find ballots that were tampered with?

Do the auditors have absolute proof that they did not tamper with the ballots?



Did anybody at MCTEC open any of the boxes of ballots?


To be continued…