The [CB]/[DS] agenda is failing. People are not agreeing with the economic agenda. The [CB] Great Reset failed before it began, but the foot soldiers are continuing with their orders. The [CB] said their plan out loud, they are pushing their new currency system.

Walgreens is closing stores in SF because of shoplifting.

The fake news said Trump was in bed with Putin but it turns out Obama and Biden are the ones catering to Russia.

The first domino is about to fall, this is going to be the shot heard around the world. Nothing can stop, this nothing.

The [DS] lost the battle before it began, we are in the exposure phase. The people are fighting back and the [DS] players are feeling the backlash. More pain is coming, timing is everything. Flynn sends a message, more is coming, Scavino shows Trump at the rallies, it’s time.