On the short-term impacts of the Biden administration returning to the Iran nuclear deal, Pompeo said there would be some “rich German companies, some wealthy French men, and some dead people in the Middle East.”

He pointed to more terror and more risks, including Iranian assassination campaigns and threats to U.S. interests in the region.

Long-term Pompeo said it would “underwrite a regime that continues to talk about fomenting violence against the Jewish people and will continue its way towards developing the tools and capabilities to have a nuclear weapons capability.”

He said this will increase Iran’s coercive capabilities against Israel, its Arab neighbors, and increase the risk of nuclear weapons proliferation in the Middle East.

Read what else Pompeo said during the Center for Security Policy in-depth discussion on President Biden’s national security priorities. Center President Fred Fleitz and Senior Analyst and Director of the Israel Project Dave Wurmser moderated the discussion.