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8:35 am EDT – Sunday: CODE MONKEY Z:

“After a bit of thinking, I realized that there is one more way to post on a locked board/thread.

– It is possible for a global volunteer to post on a locked board or thread. So there is a possibility that B is just a global volunteer for 8kun.

When I was admin of 8kun, there was no global volunteer who went by the handle B, so he would have been someone who took the role after i left the project.

Im not saying this is what happened, but it is a possibility to add to the list of possibilities i posted earlier.

9:37 AM – An 8kun “Global Volunteer” posting on the /projectdcomms/ board as B is now my top guess as to what happened. 

I dont know it for a fact, but it makes the most sense given the information available.

12:25 PM – B Update

This is what I know 

Contact me here if you know more.

If you want more information about “B”, please watch this video: