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11:59 pm EDT by CodeMonkeyZ:

I’m not involved in 8kun administration anymore but lots of people are asking me to weigh in on “B”.

The way the /projectdcomms/ board is setup, only the board owner is able to post on it.

Logging in as board owner requires a username and password.

The person who posted as B had logged into the board with the correct board credentials.

I see a few POSSIBILITIES about what happened.

1. The board could have been claimed and given to someone new. This can be checked by logging into the admin account and checking the board claims log. I dont have access to the admin account so i can’t check that.

2. Someone GUESSED the board owner username and password, then logged in and posted as B.

3. The original Q gave the username and password credentials to someone else to post on the board with.

4. It’s actually Q posting.

If i had to guess, i would guess it is either #3 or #4, but i am not in a position to technically verify that now.

4:58 PM EDT:

4:51 PM EDT:

4:16 PM EDT:

Jim Watkins on Gab: @4:10 PM EDT

‘Trip code is still the thing. That may be a test post.’

Jim weighs in. For those wondering, he runs the boards.



***Make note*** no Q sign off

Still waiting to verify. Missing sign off and waiting to confirm trip code. Some apps are slower to get the drops when they work to pull from the boards.

Considerable speculation on TELEGRAM chat that it is suspicious, sketchy:

“Hey fam, I know this is spreading like wildfire.  I can confirm this came from Q’s personal board on 8kun but nothing feels right about this so le’ts adress this now.

No tripcode and the letter “B” is where the “Q” would be.  Don’t get over hyped about this.  Nothing feels right about this.”



Anyone else think “The Perfect Storm” will arrive at the same intersection at the same time?

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