“Folks, this is one of the most important emails I have ever sent you. It concerns an amazing documentary detailing the war between Lyndon Johnson and Robert Kennedy in the aftermath of the JFK assassination and which was aired by the History Channel on June 1, 2003.

The History Channel, bowing to pressure from the Johnson family and other high level American politicians later BANNED this documentary and quit showing it and acted like it never existed. The banning of this video occurred when the History Channel, then owned by Disney, banned the showing of the Men Who Killed Kennedy, Episode 9, which focused on LBJ’s role in the JFK assassination. The year 2003 was the 40th anniversary of the JFK assassination and both now bnaned History Channel documentaries put a stake into the heart of “Lucifer Before Jesus.”

The bottom line is historians and JFK researchers have preserved this important documentary and you can still see it on YouTube, although listed under a different name.

The video link is in my May 25, 2021 blog post: 


Robert Morrow”

Presidential Historian, the Lyndon Baines Johnson Institute for the Study of Presidential Crime and the World’s Foremost Authority on the JFK Assassination as well as the Top Historian in the World on Lyndon Johnson.