Sorry, not sorry. Dr. Fauci’s upcoming book…

JUST IN – Dr. Fauci’s upcoming book “Expect the Unexpected” appears to be scrubbed from Amazon, Barnes & Noble in the aftermath of the email backlash. @disclosetv

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Crimes against humanity, Treason = death penalty

    Rand Paul wants him fired. With all due respect to Dr. Paul, Fraud Fraudci is due a trial, conviction and hanging.

    My gut feeling is his arrest will be the one that ‘shocks the world’.

    I’m bewildered why that would be a shock. Maybe in the sheeps’ world since the lying lamestream media has been hiding his crimes from them.

    Isn’t Buzzfeed a leftoonie racket? They’re who filed the FOIA for Fraudcis’ emails.


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