Good morning patriots!

It’s been quite a while since I began my day sipping morning coffee to JJ Sefton’s MORNING REPORT.

In fact, I had quite forgotten all about that sparkling gem in the “breaking news” avalanche of TELEGRAM, the Epoch Times, Q’s posts, etc. etc.

But something someone tagged yesterday brought me back to the Ace of Spades website where I was reminded of how much I enjoyed going there every morning (and throughout the day) especially to read Sefton’s overnight take on current events, replete with wonderful asides that link to the pieces to which he refers. ( I’m trying to not end a sentence with a dangling participle or preposition here…) 😉

This morning Sefton begins with a cannon volley at AOC whom he has nicknamed “Titty Caca.” (That’s the other thing I missed about Sefton – his dead-on monickers for the slimeballs that inhabit the lowest level of Dante’s hell, i.e. Congress.)

I thought of bringing his lengthy and entertaining essay forward and pasting it here, but decided that you really should head over to take in the splendor of his writing, and if you find it as entertaining a screed as I do, also read the comments, and the classic offerings of Ace himself along with the other “cobs” that inhabit Ace’s world.

I’m heading back there until Bannon and the gang make their appearance at 10. So… Enjoy your coffee and JJ Sefton. He’s definitely worth the click.

Ace of Spades Headquarters