Brian Cates is writing at TELEGRAM:

“You know, I see people wondering if there were comms between Dominion, the local county officials  in the 6 US states, and the hackers in Beijing, Tehran, etc.  There didn’t need to be. All you would’ve had to do is make sure the door was open and let those who wanted to walk through it do their thing.

Dominion, Smartmatic, the county officials in PA, GA, WI, MI, AZ, NV, they left the door open for 3 days, from Tuesday to late Thursday night.  They didn’t need to be in direct communication with the hackers in China or Tehran.

But here’s the problem: leaving that door open and NOT WATCHING IT meant somebody else got in there who was recording everything the hackers were doing over those three days in all those election machines in all those counties.  And they have no idea who that was.

But when Mike Lindell’s lawsuit in MN. reaches the discovery phase, and these election data recorders come forward and identify themselves, it’s going to get very, very good.”

Looks like Iran’s bad awful rotten terrible no good week continues!

JUST IN – Today’s explosion in Iran: A steel factory in Zarand.