Code MonkeyZ has posted some interesting observations (TELEGRAM) about the Colonial Gas Pipeline hack and the FBI’s subsequent recovery of the bitcoin used to pay off the ransomers. Here is an excerpt of his overnights:

FBI recovered the bitcoin ransom money?

They either

1. Cracked bitcoin crypto (unlikely)

2. Apprehended the hackers (likely)

3. Transferred money from their own BTC wallet back to the victim (plausible)

Quite simply:

If the Arizona Audit proves that Maricopa County was full of systematic, SMART & autoMATIC election fraud, then other states will certainly also conduct forensic audits.

If election fraud is -proven- to be a widespread issue with similar techniques used throughout the country, restoring confidence in elections will be a most difficult task.

FBI Affidavit explaining how they ended up recovering ransomware bitcoins was released.

The FBI watched the suspects try to launder the bitcoin through different addresses until the bitcoin landed on an exchange (the redacted section is the name of the exchange that the hackers used). 

From there, the FBI simply contacted the exchange and asked for the private key to the coins.

When you put your crypto coins into an exchange, the exchange owns your private key until you withdraw.

Exchanges working closely with law enforcement is the biggest takeaway from this affidavit, but is also common sense.

If the exchange had a strong KYS program, then the thieves will likely be arrested sooner than later. However, many exchanges dont do vigorous KYS, so it is possible the thieves got away with it this time and will know better than putting coins into an exchange next time.

The ransomware hacker group

– Skilled enough to take down entire industries.

– Knowledgeable enough about cryptocoins to build a “business” out of it.

– Dumb enough to deposit illegal money into the crypto equivalent of a bank…

Are the recent domestic ransomware attacks an alphabet agency dry run for their clandestine offensive network security forces?

Government weaponized hackers explain the incompetence and why their story fell apart so quickly.

You cannot stop the TRUTH.

Lawyer Matt DePerno seems to have proven that the election servers were logged into REMOTELY during the election.

The EMS is essentially the brains of the election. It tallies the votes and prepares the final output for the county.

If the EMS was accessed remotely and anonymously, that means the entire county’s election is compromised.