Lin Wood has some thoughts about a possible and necessary Georgia ballot audit and some tantalizing questions about what might be hanging in Gov. Kemp’s closet.

Also an observation about “Faustian Fraud Fauci” too.

From his TELEGRAM page, these insights:

The November 2020 Georgia election MUST be audited. Start knocking on doors, sending emails, and making calls. South Carolina too. 

While auditors are in Georgia, they should also audit Governor Brian “CCP” Kemp’s finances, including the finances of his family members and business cronies. 

Here are some areas that need investigation to ascertain TRUTH:

1. Were certain large debts of Kemp paid off in return for appointing Globalist Kelly Loeffler to the U.S.Senate?

2. Did Kemp or any Kemp family members or business cronies receive money related to the purchase by Georgia of the Dominion computer voting machines? Check Brad “Jordy” Raffensperger on this issue too.

Did Kemp or any family members, or business cronies receive any money related to Georgia’s purchase of masks and Covid test kits from China at exorbitant cost to Georgia taxpayers? 

My friend has many questions today!


Faustian Fraud Fauci is evil and appears to have committed crimes against humanity or more likely, is a co-conspirator along with many in those crimes. 

The Fauci emails now seem to dominate social media discussions while getting very little play in the propaganda mainstream media. 

Fauci’s time is coming. 

That being said, we should continue to focus on the Arizona audit and the efforts underway to audit the November 2020 election in other states. 

Don’t be distracted. 

P.S. I will say that I was surprised to see that it was the Washington Post and Buzzfeed News which obtained the Fauci emails through FOIA requests. Not exactly white hats, are they?


Lin Wood BONUS!

This man will unite all American patriots under one flag. He will return stronger and more dedicated than ever before. 

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