If it isn’t clear to you by now:

The plan ALWAYS included the complete and utter exposure of our rigged election system so that this never happens again.

Long term solutions are manifesting as we speak.

You can’t simply tell the people..you have have show them. 

That’s exactly what we are experiencing now. 

The plan is 117 percent still on track and there is no reason to be worried.

Focus less on timelines/dates and more on the enormity of what’s happening:

They’ll never be able to easily rig another election again once this is finished. 

This is just another chapter in the systematic destruction of the old guard.  

By bringing every voting scheme into the light and fixing every loophole [their] power is diminished. 

So much of the justice that we’ve all been longing for will come but in the meantime this piece of the plan should not be undervalued in it’s significance.


Bannon: “We’re going to get to the bottom of it.”