John Solomon has uncovered new emails from the ‘laptop from hell’ which show that Hunter Biden didn’t pay taxes on his Burisma income while his father was Vice President. 

Let that sink in. The Vice President’s son was not paying taxes, while hard working American’s give half their paycheck to the government. 

I have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Drip da drip drip. Drip da DRIP DRIP DRIIIIIP! [has to be said loudly to the tune of “Dragnet”]

So not only was this a make-work job handed to Jr. because of his family name, he didn’t even pay any taxes on any of that income.  Hey…HEY…is this….IS THIS A GOOD TIME TO REMIND EVERYBODY THE BIDEN FAMILY HAS BEEN UNDER FEDERAL INVESTIGATION FOR [checks card] BRIBERY, MONEY LAUNDRY AND TAX EVASION? Yes or no?

Liz Cheney and the Swamp Creatures right now:

“And it shouldn’t escape notice that it’s neocon deep state Dick Cheney’s daughter that’s out front as their mouthpiece.

These people are scared. They know they have a crisis on their hands.”

-Harold Finch