Josh Merritt connects the dots on election fraud around the globe.

Some of the topics discussed:

-Indonesia, Mongolia, Africa, ME

-Smartmatic, Dominion, GEMS, UN

-David Brock FOXACID 2016

-Epstein & Blackmail Operations

-Hammer & Scorecard

-Mike Lindell’s “Absolutely 9-0”

-Italy Leonardo Cellular Modem 

-Perkins Coie Russian Dossier

-Perkins Coie Election Audits

-Facebook Influence With CTCL

-Problem New Hampshire Audit

-Verified Voting Paragon Group

-Paragon Group Owns Scytl

-Mafia Auditing The Mafia

-US v. Throckmorton 

-Fraud Vitiates Everything

-100 Million America First

“Once the fraud comes out, this is a criminal conspiracy that will make the Mafia look like a boy’s club.”

“The largest voter fraud organization in American history” – Joe Biden

Full Video: