Why did Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter ban users who spread “disinformation” about covid?

Were these users a threat to a particular narrative?

Why is it important for them to make you think you’re in the minority?

What has been proven in the last few weeks?

Covid scam?

What was the real goal?

How do you justify massive vote by mail?

How do you steal an election?

Why did the same platforms ban users who spread “disinformation” about election fraud?

What will be proven in the next few weeks?

What happens to the “safe and secure election” narrative if fraud is proven?

Are more people convinced of election fraud now than in November?

How does information reach the average person?

Why is control of social media critical?

How did a few hundred mothers end the indoctrination of children with critical race theory, sexualization and cultural Marxism?

Viral videos on social media?

One inspires another, who inspires another, who inspires another?

What is a digital soldier?

What is a digital battlefield?

What is an information war?

Why is it important for digital soldiers to work together?

Why is it important for them to divide us?

You, awake and thinking for yourself is their greatest fear.

If patriots stick together, they cannot be defeated.

Sheep no more.