HE’S NOT DONE YET… more selected items from Brian Cates’ TELEGRAM posts.

Merrick Garland and Joe Biden didn’t have a clue what was going on.  They still don’t.  We’ll see what happens.

I’m thinking about 4 of the people pictured here are in serious trouble thanks to a federal grand jury that began spying on them back in Feb 2018 and one is going to become a national hero.

Trump: “I caught the Swamp.  I caught them all. Let’s see what happens. Nobody else could have done that but me.”

Trump Sessions and Barr almost completely obliterated the domestic child porn industry.  A series of stings over 4 years greatly reduced the amount of this vile stuff being made inside the United States. So guess what the cartels are doing?

Report: What Officials Are Finding on Captured Cartel Runners Will Turn Your Stomach

‘I take no joy in reporting this,’ a Real America’s Voice reporter said. But, he said, ‘the American people need to know this.’

Report: What Officials Are Finding on Captured Cartel Runners Will Turn Your Stomach

READ: http://w-j.co/s/2887f


They constantly underestimate the American people. They thought we’d have given up by now. We not only didn’t give up or give in, we’re forcing them do things they never imagined they would have to do.  Dominion  is having to hand over emails due to court order revealing they can remotely access, recalibrate & control all their election machines. Raffensperger is having to do an about face in GA and highlight the fraud and deal with it.  They’re having to admit that AG Garland actually doesn’t have any authority to shut down the AZ audit and he’s reduced to mumbling about looking over their final report for “civil rights violations”.  Things that can’t be explained keep rising to the surface now, like a federal grand jury meeting in strict secrecy for 3+ years that was spying on top members of Congress.  We live in amazing times.  WE ARE GOING TO WIN. Keep fighting.