Good morning kids. Tuesday and 80 years ago today, Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union, initiating the bloodiest, most brutal war in history; “a war of annihilation” as a certain Viennese paper-hanger defined it, and the start of the Final Solution. And here we are, 80 years later with the collective memory of what happened fading away faster with each passing day as the youngest of those who witnessed it firsthand, now into their 90s, pass into history. More crucially, the intentional distortion and erasing of history now being unleashed by the philosophical progeny of both Hitler and Stalin are preventing future generations from understanding what happened, if they are even permitted to learn about it in the first place.

The Morning Report by JJ Sefton

The modus operandi of the Left is simple: 
– stop at nothing to gain absolute power, 
– create societal unrest and division at every level to achieve it, 
– blame your political opponents for the unrest, misery and problems you yourself caused in the first place, 
– cause even more unrest, misery and suffering in the name of solving society’s ills, yet accrue even more power while making things worse
– lather-rinse-repeat.