April Moss is the second TV news personality to expose the bias and lies the news operations, known as “Fake News” (deservedly so) and Operation Mockingbird for the propaganda they serve up to their viewers every single day. She on’t be the last.

Many years ago I found myself in a similar situation when I worked as a general assignment reporter and anchor for an NBC affiliate in Orlando, FL. I won’t go into the details. My friends and family know it is the reason I left my position that I had worked so hard to attain as a single mother, working my way in my late twenties through four years of college to earn a Broadcast Journalism/Mass Comm degree, and moving my family to take my first job in Bangor, Maine where I worked for 18 months before being hired by WESH-TV in Orlando, then the 34th TV market in the country.

It was a huge jump from the small Maine market, and I was “on my way” in my career.

Until a similar situation presented itself related to an interview I did with a government official. By the time I returned to the studio to edit the piece, the government worker called the station and dressed down my news director, who then told me that the piece was not going to air. Rather than defending me for doing my job as a journalist — asking a county administrator questions that needed to be asked — I was told “We have to be able to get along with these people.”

It shattered my world and my perception of what my job was supposed to be — shine a light on government misdeeds and bring that truth to the viewers.

That was more than 30 years ago, and I was able to parlay my talent and skills in other directions that led me to great success in my alternative endeavors. But if there had been a James O’Keefe and Project Veritas then, I would have been in touch with them and who knows how it would have turned out.

So… water under the bridge now, as the saying goes.

But these women who are bravely speaking out because their consciences will not allow them to do otherwise have my deepest respect. They are brave. And there will be more of them. Watch and see. I guarantee it.