Senate Republican Geniuses Tricked by… Joe Biden


Republicans got played here, and there needs to be a reckoning. Far too many Senate Republicans lack any political acumen at all and they continue to show that on a daily basis. Joe Biden is not your friend. He’s not some moderate you can trust to make a deal with. Treating him that way was foolish from the start, and now the GOP has egg on its face. Some of us tried to warn them but they knew better, except they didn’t know better.

The win was there for Republicans if they had just taken no for an answer. Now, they’ve ceded the political high ground, having gone all-in on an unnecessary infrastructure deal while ending up where they would have anyway. If you continually refuse to take the win, you will end up taking the loss. Thus, you got what we got today.


So here’s how it went:

Biden, after passing six trillion in new spending, wanted another three trillion for “infrastructure.”

“Infrastructure” now defined to not mean roads, bridges, ports and airports, but “human infrastructure,” like… child care. And all other items on the socialist wish list.

The GOP stupidly entered negotiations.

They came to what they stupidly thought was an agreement: one trillion in real infrastructure. The Democrats could also vote on a separate two trillion bill for “human infrastructure,” and Senate Republicans would vote against that.

But then Joe Biden, who is also stupid, blurted out that he intended, once the infrastructure compromise bill was voted on and passed by the Senate, to use the rules of reconciliation to pack the bill back with the two trillion for “human infrastructure.”

And Senate Republicans couldn’t stop this. Once a bill has been passed and is in the reconciliation process, there is no filibuster any longer.

So the Democrats could now pass their three trillion fake “infrastructure” bill with just 50 Democrat votes, plus the Mad Cackler Kamala Mouthlove.

It’s absolutely incredible that Senate Republicans — for all their weakness and stupidity– could get tricked by the very stupid brain of Joe Biden, but that’s the GOP Establishment working on all six cylinders, folks.

I don’t believe they were “tricked.”

I think they understood this was the plan all along.

I just think they were blindsided by the decrepit, dying-brained Joe Biden stating what the plan was in public, so that they could no longer feign public surprise about the plan they’d agreed to in private.

Bonchie demands a “reckoning” for our Failure Theater senators.

It�s difficult to get played by a senile old man whose brain has the consistency of pudding, but somehow, Republicans managed that feat today. Failure theater is back, and it�s reaching new heights.

As RedState reported earlier, Biden announced an agreement on a bipartisan infrastructure deal, complete with a grinning Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski standing beside him. Following that dog and pony show, the president then proceeded to demonstrate the finer points of existing with cognitive decline. Regardless, according to the Republicans on the negotiating team, this was supposed to be a great victory and show of unity.

Of course, then reality smacked them in the face. Biden, within an hour, let it be known that he would not sign the bipartisan agreement unless he was given everything else he wants in a reconciliation package that would naturally be passed along party lines.

Bonchie notes that McConnell is now sputtering with rage, but all of this was perfectly foreseeable from the outset of the “negotiations.”

And the fake anger now is a crucial part of the Failure Theater script– pretend to oppose the socialist agenda, somehow get “tricked” and “beaten,” and then run ads telling your gullible voters that nowyou’re spittin’ mad and if Republicans just send one hundred more dollars, now you’ll start fighting those treacherous Dems!

Special award to Lindsey Graham for cooperating with the Democrats, again, and now again being “blindsided” and “livid” about the obvious, inevitable betrayal.

Livid and “blindsided” over President Joe Biden�s refusal to sign a bipartisan infrastructure deal without passage of his broader priorities, Republican senators Friday were frantically considering options as the future of the sweeping compromise appeared in doubt.

Senators were described as “stunned,” “floored” and “frustrate”� after Biden later put the conditions on accepting their deal, according to people familiar with the private conversations and granted anonymity to discuss them.

“No deal by extortion!” tweeted Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., on Friday.

Fuck you, you degenerate liars.










Note that the only reason that Failure Theater might actually fail here is that the brain-damaged dementia patient Joe Biden made public the plan that had been worked out in secret before the critical vote, and now Republicans can’t vote for the bill they always intended to be jam-packed with Democrat spending priorities in reconcilation.

At least — I think they can’t. We’ll have to see! Maybe John Cornyn can create another deceptive voting mechanism where Republicans can pretend to vote against the spending bill while actually having voted the bill into law.

They did that with both the Iran Deal and opening up the debt limit under Obama. They created a process whereby Republicans could “vote” no, but… the mechanism also said that the Obama could go forward with the Iran Deal and raise the debt limit with his own power if the bill failed to pass.

So I think we have another one of those coming up.Close it up

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