I know a lot of people tell you that DOJ/FBI investigation into the Biden Crime Family that started up in 2018 became deader than Elvis the moment Joe Biden became President and Merrick Garland became Attorney General.  They’re in total control.  Yeah, we’ll see.

They didn’t know the DIA had a top Chinese defector for 2 1/2 months.  I think we’re going to find out other things nobody bothered to tell them.

The Biden presidency is already a bumbling, stumbling train wreck, something that Harris’ reluctant border trip will bring home.  They’re not becoming more popular or more in command.  Far from it.  And now the one thing they have been desperately hoping their fake news media and Big Tech friends would keep from happening is happening: the Biden laptop scandal keeps coming up.  They can’t kill it, no matter how hard they try.  Biden will be losing his SHIT live on the air by September when he’s asked about it when this book hits.


After hearing case in Georgia earlier this week, Judge Brian Amero rules in favor of VoterGA to move forward with a review of 147,000 absentee ballots. 


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Breaking: Portland Police have moved a group of antifa & far-left protesters back after they gathered to try and disrupt an active crime scene investigation. Antifa said police shot a POC. Witnesses said the man was armed & was white.

This is why you have to be careful with Greenwald . He’s a rabid leftist. Don’t mistake his criticisms of Progressive fascist propaganda with a criticism of Progress fascist GOALS.  He’s completely on board with the goals. He just thinks his fellow travelers should be more honest about what they want.

It’s so cowardly to simultaneously support an impressive, sustained, nationwide protest movement that seeks to usher in massive systemic and cultural changes, while at the same time angrily denying that anything is changing and it’s all just a right-wing hallucination.

Trump: “He [Biden] couldn’t fill up the circles, then all of a sudden they miraculously won… but a lot of things are happening about that subject and we’ll see how that all turns out.” 



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