Uh, listen. If you think Glenn Greenwald isn’t completely onboard with the Antifa/BLM agenda, because you are letting his criticism of the Fake New’s media’s coverage of Antifa/BLM activities grab your attention, you don’t know much about him.

Media critics who lean far Left in their politics can get a friendly hearing when they turn their attention to their fellow travelers in the media who are not accurately reporting on issues.  But you better not ever forget who they are.  This is the same problem with Julian Assange, who’s just about the most virulent anti-American activist out there, but because he supposedly ‘helped’ Trump beat Hillary in 2016, we’re supposed to embrace him as some kind of hero.  Where he helps us, great that was awful nice of him.  NEVER EVER LET  YOUR GUARD DOWN AROUND HIM if you are pro-American and a patriot or you are making a huge mistake.


After a failed attempt by the illegitimate Biden administration handlers’ to intimidate the Arizona State Senate into stopping their Maricopa County election audit, they now turn their attention to Georgia to block state voter laws.

We all knew the corrupt elite establishment will do everything within their power to fund and cheat to win elections, then prevent the election fraud from ever seeing the light of day, especially in Georgia. 

The Georgia legislature needs to needs to pull a Senator Wendy Rogers and tell the federal government to stay the hell out of Georgia election laws and audits or they will find themselves in a Georgia prison! 

We call on all Georgia State Senators to stop this federal overreach NOW!  Do not give them an inch! The world is watching and we will hold you accountable!


National Audit Watch Channel: @AZAuditNews

Georgia Audit Watch Channel:


They tried to stop the  AZ audit, they failed. So here’s the latest gambit by Democrats to stop the cascade of coming audits: shut down GA.

Federal control of state audits is not going to be a winning argument after HR1 just got staked through the heart.  🙂

Go ahead, Merrick Garland. Announce you’re suing Georgia for securing their elections. You are making an ENORMOUS mistake. This is a state’s issue and you have no standing and everyone knows why you’re doing this.

Go ahead and start a war between states & federal government. 👇

This is a lame attempt to “do something!” after a Democrat base watching Rachel Maddow scream about the spread of the ‘audit virus!’ across the nation poked the DOJ – HARD.  Same with the suit the DOJ filed last week against WV over trans ‘girls’ competing in girls sports.  You can’t stop a flood in the states by sticking your finger in one hole in the dike.

Pay attention: Biden DOJ scrambled to throw something together and rush this announcement out this morning after the Georgia judge ruled yesterday to allow the audit of almost 150,000 absentee ballots to move forward.  You should be able to smell the panic coming from DC where ever you may live.

“Good thing we’ve got our friends in the mainstream media to attack these audits and discredit them, and when that doesn’t work, we’ll just ignore them!” elites in Washington DC sneered the week before Donald J. Trump hit the campaign trail in Ohio and Florida.  What do you think Trump is gonna talk about at these rallies in the coming days?  While he’s taking the tour with Abbott at the border? He’s gonna do what he does best: TROLL them into reporting what he said just so they can attack it.  It’s brilliant.

Recall what I said last night: even if you don’t believe that the Biden administration is a staggering bumbling, fumbling failure already just 6 months in, even if you do buy the clickbait that the Biden White House is growing STRONGER and exerting more and MORE CONTROL over the states…you still have to explain stuff like this: 👇

Tracking Resignations 🔥🔥

This reluctant, forced trip to the border being put together directly in response to Trump going there to tour with Abbott next week is already was already a shambling shitshow of a failure before Harris went down to El Paso.

You know the only thing that’s missing to put a bow on top of how much of a failure the Biden administration already is?  A big juicy scandal, the kind which has irrefutable 9-0 evidence found on a laptop that involves Chinese spies, bribery, money laundering, tax evasion, selling influence, and -get this!- PORN. Lots and lots of sex acts, vile pictures, drug use, and the powerful doing everything they can to ‘fix’ it so it stayed hidden.  Too bad we don’t have a scandal like that coming, right? RIGHT?!  giggle!

A scandal SO BIG that a dying news media desperate to save itself as it swirls the bowl reaches out and GRABS IT with both hands.  A scandal they have to cover because of it’s vast national security implications, but which they’ll also enthusiastically throw themselves into because of the SEX SEX SEX angles.

The longer they press that lid down on this Pandora’s Laptop Box, and the more the pressure builds, the bigger the EXPLOSION when the lid comes off.  I can hardly wait.

Remember: Trump said he didn’t have to worry about the 25th Amendment, but it was going to haunt Joe Biden.  A whole lot of people think Trump was talking about the dementia thing.  I don’t think he was.

If a sitting President is found have not only engaged in, but to have furiously worked to cover up that he was directly involved in:

1) bribery

2) treason

3) money laundering

4) Tax Evasion

and rather than fight a looming impeachment, he removes himself from office by resigning, that’s when the 25th Amendment comes into play.

I’m not even getting into the STOLEN ELECTION stuff here. Just what the laptop proves.

IF the laptop contents are proven real, Joe Biden is unfit to be President.  Immense pressure would be brought to bear for him to resign and spare the country another impeachment trial.  We get President Kamala Harris. How well do you think that’s going to go?  Assuming Trump doesn’t pull off a magic trick prior to 2024, Harris has 0% chance of beating Trump head to head in 2024.  I mean that. 0%.  Especially with all the election reforms we’ll have in place by 2024.  So be of good cheer everybody.

If the only thing you want to hear and talk about is how Trump comes back as President before 2024, you’re not going to like what I’m saying. But I consider all the angles. It’s part of the job, “I only want to hear this one narrative from you, buddy!!!!” is the wrong thing to say to me.

Even Biden and Harris can’t kill this country in 4 years. Are you not paying attention? 2/3rds of the country is directly telling DC to get lost. Hysterical pronouncements that America will be a wasteland in 3 more years under Democrat control is nonsense. This is a GREAT country. Even these two idiots can destroy it in 4 years.

You’re talking to somebody who survived both 8 year Clinton and Obama presidencies.  You think this is the first time I’ve heard the hand-wringing ‘OH MY GOD, THERE’S NO WAY THIS COUNTRY SURVIVES 2 MORE YEARS OF OBAMA!!!!”  I get people are venting, but be realistic.

States are asserting their rights in a way never seen before.  You think Biden and Harris are going to crush that?  How? Trump keeps saying it, but if you don’t believe him, well it’s a free country. You can’t govern without popular support.  And these losers don’t have it.  What little they did have has been bleeding away.